SWF Seeking Technical Soulmate

maren kate
SWF = Sassy Woman Founder

As I write this I am watching an epic pigeon battle outside of my window… though it has little relevance to the topic of finding a CTO for my company Zirtual the pure determination with which extra dirty pigeon fights his much larger opponent is akin to the real-life uphill battle we’re waging to find a killer technical co for our company.

It’s hard, but so what?

One of my favorite quotes goes like so:

“Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” – Andrew Carnegie

This sentiment couldn’t be more true and people who don’t realize it’s magnitude scare me a little. Currently the market in San Francisco for technical team members is hotter than a $2 pistol on the Fourth of July. This is partly because of the booming tech economy in the Bay Area & partly due to the fact that great talent can often find cushy jobs with big paychecks at more established companies – so why take a chance on a scrappy startup?

Most people see this mountainous challenge & back off. They either let their startup dreams fizzle or complain so viciously that the negativity they give off scares any potential partners off (this dance is also often played out in the dating world).

Ever since I moved to San Francisco I have had people shake their heads at me and say something disparaging about my prospects of starting a web company with no superstar programmer on my team & with minimal experience in tech myself.

They said it when I joined the Founder Institute last year, they said it after I made cut after cut and finally graduated and they say it now as Zirtual is up, running & Ramen profitable.

These comments used to worry me, but after I’ve crawled through so much broken glass to get to the point I’m currently at the challenge of finding a killer CTO actually excites me – it’s just one more hurdle to jump on the road to my ultimate goal.


I’m going to ask you – my dear, dear reader – a favor. If you know anyone who you think would be an amazing fit for the position of Zirtual CTO (a founding position with a nice equity offer)… please, please send them my way.

You can find the position specs listed above & any retweets or sharing (social or otherwise) would be deeply, incredibly appreciated.

I know my technical soul mate is out there somewhere – it’s just a process of kissing enough geeky frogs to get to the geeky prince charming i.e. technical co-founder of my dreams.

Quick overview

  • Can hop in and get started coding right away
  • Has been coding for a long time, seriously talented & interested in becoming the coding cornerstone of our startup
  • Is willing to or lives in the Bay Area
  • Is willing to do whatever it takes to make Zirtual a huge success

Help connect me with my technical soul mate here.