The Power of a Daily Ritual

maren kate daily ritualI’ve had a daily ritual for a long time now, but fallen off the wagon occasionally. Normally these tumbles coincide with a particularly reactive time in my life, and when I look back I can see the havoc it wreaks.

After Zirtual I found myself incredibly grateful for my daily ritual. It gave me a semblance of order when the rest of my life was in chaos, and after several months it allowed me to restart my entrepreneurial mind and begin the process of building my next tribe.

Today I’ll share with you my daily ritual; feel free to borrow what you like, or create your own. I highly recommend the making your bed and meditation part—but all else can be swapped or moved around.

The first daily ritual: make your bed.

It might seem too small to matter, but starting your day by making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment. This gives you an instant feeling of success and the feeling that you are on top of things. You feel organized and ready to take on the day. This two minutes of work sets the tone for the rest of the day. Jennifer Wasylenko explained why this exists in her article on productivity.

Next, I like to meditate.

This has been an incredibly hard habit for me to start. I have always had a very busy mind, and been afraid to be alone with it. After years of therapy, trying different medications, and research I’ve found meditation to be the most helpful to (a) calm my mind and put me in a good place for the day and (b) to commune with the Divine.

Now, if you’re not spiritual, that’s fine. Meditation still has great benefits. I’d suggest you read the book Waking Up if you’re agnostic or atheist but still interested in the benefits of certain practices previously in the domain of the spiritual alone.

Just sit for 5 minutes, heck, try 3. If you can even sit for meditation once a day, you are on your way. The rest will come together and there are several good resources out there to help you start.


This is self evident. I know a lot of people say how much “better” they are without coffee, how they feel so much more alive now that they only drink cold pressed, all organic, baby tears or whatever. But I like my coffee. It makes me happy, there is a decent amount of research about one cup of coffee’s benefits, so yeah—part of my ritual is coffee.

Face Ritual.

This is more for the ladies, but guys, this stuff works if you’re willing to try it. The first biz I thought of starting after Zirtual was actually bringing Korean skin care to the US markets, but then I realized there were already players out there doing it well like MemeBox and Sokoglam. My face ritual is similar to the one described here, and it rocks my socks (well, more it rocks my skin’s socks).


Can’t stress this one enough. I read a lot. I believe that books change lives, and the access to amazing articles, books and talks that we have via the interwebs allows the majority of people to gain a massive advantage if they just put in the time. I use Pocket to save all the articles that are emailed to me throughout the week, and I work through them one by one. I also read a few pages from whatever books are currently on my reading list. Throughout the day, on walks, before bed, anytime in between, I will listen to books via Audible as well.


This is the last part, before I can officially “start” my day. I recently listened to a truly superb interview that Tim Ferriss did with Seth Godin on his Tim’s podcast (link) where Seth said the one thing he strongly suggests is writing daily. I have already done this for a while, but I wasn’t publishing most of what I wrote. Now, because of what Seth said, I’m going to try to write a short post every weekday—we’ll see how it goes.

That’s it folks. After these six things are done I “start” my day—which means I then focus on my ONE goal for the day before I even open email… but that’s another post, for another time.

If you have questions feel free to hit me up on Twitter: @marenkate