Viral Marketing: The Pickle that has 91,944 Facebook Fans

Yes, its true… there is a Pickle on Facebook that has almost 92k fans. What is the point behind this popular pickle? Well its someone who really doesn’t like Nickleback (totally understandable by the way) and it shows the incredible power of viral marketing.

So what does this pickle mean to you, an entrepreneur trying to get traction and become extraordinary in our world that worships the 9 to 5 and security. Firstly, it tells you ANYONE (or pickled veggie) can do ANYTHING. All you need is an idea, a passion (i.e. hatred of Nickleback) and the creativity to think WAY outside of the box.

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Don’t Fall for Internet Business Scams

So you’re obviously interested in entrepreneurship since you are reading my blog on how to escape the 9 to 5, heck, you are probably even bent towards online entrepreneurship… and why wouldn’t you be? It freaking kicks butt… I get to work anywhere, anytime and make as much as I want (or better am willing to work for). But, and this is a big one, when you are starting out PLEASE don’t fall for internet business scams!! Sometimes people ask if there is such a thing as an internet better business bureau, too bad there isn’t but to help you out I put together this list of scams NOT to fall for.

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Feed the Need | Selling to a pill popping society

44% of American adults take prescription medications the associated press reported a few years back and that number has only grown.

In 2004 Pharmaceutical companies made $200 billion in pill sales, this doesn’t take into account the pills pushed illegally through the streets.

The other day I filled my first ever prescription for ‘pills’. I haven’t taken any yet, to be honest I’m afraid to. But I made the leap and just knowing the little pink pills are nearby comforts me in some strange way. You see I have suffered from nearly debilitating anxiety attacks in past years and always thought it was ‘normal’ and only a few months ago did I realize how much havoc my condition was causing in my life and business on a daily basis.

That is when i started to see a very nice lady therapist to help me with my anxiety, racing thoughts and obsessive behavior (come to find out many entrepreneurs share these characteristics). Anyways I say this not so you can feel sorry for me or judge me but because as a blogger I’m dedicated to 100% transparency (in a tactful way of course). So while looking at my little red bottle of pills shortly after I was prescribed them I was struck by the thought “entrepreneurs must adopt a pill popper’s mentality to really get ahead”. This sounds awful at first, but let me explain and it really makes a lot of sense…

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The Compounding Interest of Entrepreneurship

Firstly, check out this cool (well… kind of cool) slideshow I created using powerpoint & uploaded it via It’s for my newest website which is also my main business…

Secondly, after this post read How I Built a Blog with 6,500 readers on (weird URL, awesome blog) this is probably the best blog post I have read this year and is all about how to make your blog or online business mucho profitable. He outlines great tactics that he used himself and for those of you who are striving to be extraordinary in your blogging or entrepreneurial pursuits this guy is for you!

Now to the main attraction…

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How Can I Get Money to Start My Own Business p. 2

So earlier today I wrote a post on how I started my first businesses and how I paid for each, now I am going to continue with part 2 of How you can money to start your own business… So grab a drink (coffee, tea or heck a martini if its 5pm where you are) and take out a pen and paper because if you are an entrepreneur who is looking for funding this may help a lot.

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How Can I Get Money to Start My Own Business p.1

*WARNING: this post was written without spell check, without a proof read & is coming straight from my heart… and frazzled mind*

How do I get money to start my business? Is a question I hear an obnoxious amount of times, it is also a question I’ve asked myself over and over. So I decided that I’ll go through step by step how I started my business and how I plan to raise a little money for it now via the Angel investor model… this is a 2 part series but can be incredibly helpful if you are a start up or an entrepreneur in the beginning stages of business planning. Learn from my mistakes and take notes on the successes I’ve found in certain (usually out of the box) ways…

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Why Every Blog Post needs to be a Revolution

There are truly millions of blogs in existence today and even more content being spewed onto the web via Twitter, Facebook & other platforms. Sometimes all that info can get overwhelming, especially if you are trying to build your own brand online. That is why I tell myself every day before I write every blog post needs to be a revolution, do I always make it? No. But that is the goal in mind and having it there helps me craft content that I think is not only helpful (there are a million helpful blogs out there) but truly revolutionary.

Here are some ways to make sure your content is a revolution no matter what your niche is:

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7 *Super Secret* Networking Tips | They’ll Rock Your World!

So I haven’t blogged in 3 days! After blogging every day for a while it is weird and not a good feeling. It reminds me of when I forget to feed my cat or water a plant and in reality that is what it does when you don’t blog consistently, every day if possible… your blog starves, your plant dies and you get arrested for animal cruelty (not necessarily in that order). But I am back and I am determined to be better than ever ladies & gents… Momma got uber motivated in a recent trip to San Fran (see I had a good excuse) and I am more into my business and blogging than every before.

Today I am unveiling the 7 super secret networking tips you WANT to know. Trust me these work online and off. Networking is one of the most important things in your life to learn, it helps you build relationships (both business and personal), it brings you more business when your booming & can be a life saver when times are tough. As the old saying goes, it’s not what you know but who you know.

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How to Brand Your Business Card | Creating an Extraordinary Business Card

How many business cards have you received or given in your lifetime? Okay… now think of how many you’ve kept or better can even remember? Probably the business cards you can remember in detail you could count on one hand. These rare unique business cards usually don’t keep to the typical ‘business cardy’ model.

Maybe they are like where your business info and contact numbers are engraved in a piece of beef jerky. Have you ever gotten one of those? I doubt it. If you did I guarantee you that you’d tell all your friends and never forget it.

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Interview with Penelope Trunk of The Brazen Careerist

I was super excited to get to interview Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist fame. We chat about her super popular blog, her views on finding work in a down economy and her thoughts on entrepreneurship as well as her own online success story. This is an amazing entrepreneur interview that every would be escapee of the 9 to 5 should listen to!

Download Penelope-Trunk.mp3

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