My Ultimate Sales Method: Painting a Picture

First off, thanks for everyone who commented & responded to my questions for escapee’s of the 9 to 5 yesterday! You all gave a really great response and I am planning on pouring over the responses and starting the ball rolling to put together a mastermind community for those who truly want to succeed and become extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Now to the post… So recently I have gotten a few really big contracts in a short period of time. Contracts to do social media marketing for businesses as well as some website design contracts for brands. I don’t code myself, but I have amazingly awesome virtual assistants who make up the ‘core’ of my company Oracle Launch.

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I Want (no need!) You

Yes, you heard me right, I want you.

I guess I should elaborate… In my quest to make this blog a community, the community I wish I had had when I started out in online business, this post is all about you, my blog buddies and how we can all bring each other up and push each other to be truly extraordinary entrepreneurs together.

So please, each of you who are reading this and even SLIGHTLY care about the message escaping the 9 to 5 is trying to push respond to a few of these very basic questions in the comment section below & later I want to have a Ustream live conference ‘mastermind’ group for all the participants. So I want you to share with me…

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A Healthy Entrepreneur = A Happy Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur who spends all her time staring at a MAC it is easy to get sloth-butt, this is my unattractive term for sitting to long and being a lazy pile of a person. But even when you are in the midst of a start up or fighting for your small businesses survival in tough times you have got to remember that one of the key parts of escaping the 9 to 5 is not having to be STUCK at a desk all day. Remember…

A health entrepreneur = a happy entrepreneur

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Top 5 Best Blog Marketing Techniques (that really work!)

For this post I am going to unveil what I do on a daily basis to market my blog & grow my subscribers and readership each month. This costs nothing to do and if you enjoy your blogging should be fun and profitable! I compiled this marketing guide for my blog after reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It and doing a lot of case studies on some of the most powerful and influential blogs in the world.

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The 1# Way to Make Money as an Entrepreneur

What do you think the number one way is to make money as an entrepreneur, regardless if its online, off line or in a massive start up company? I’ll tell you and it is a often over looked secret that is sitting under your  nose…. get your first client. What is the second way to make money as an entrepreneur? Get your second client… and so on and so forth.

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How to Close a Small Business… and Start Anew

Every day 500 + people search the term how to close a small business. Surprisingly enough no one has addressed this issue on small business blogs and entrepreneurial forums with much thought. Check for yourself, Google the keyword how to close a small business and the first result (if it isn’t this post) will be something not exactly relevant to the topic. Considering how many people are searching for it a day, why do you suppose that is? I pondered this for some time and decided to write a post on what to do if your small business goes under and more importantly how to grow from failure.

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The Day in the LIfe of an Entrepreneur

6:30 am It is unholy early, I never, ever wake up this early but I have a good client who wants to meet at eight and since my hair is doing a where the wild things are on me I decide to actually try when it comes to my appearance.

8-9 am Meeting with client goes well, I find out I am meeting, if not exceeding his expectations which makes me very happy 🙂 He pays me to manage pretty much his entire online presence from social media, to his website, to his yelp! and citysearch accounts… and a variety of other stuff I won’t bore you with here. He is the kind of client you LIKE to get and LOVE to keep. These types come around rarely so when you get them hold on to them by giving them the best service ever.

9:30 am Drop my Lexus off to get serviced at the Toyota dealership because I am cheap. Then remember Toyota is going through record breaking recalls and wonder “should I have let them work on my brakes?”

10 am I decided to walk to a nearby Starbucks instead of taking the courtesy vehicle because it was a Prius (read above sentence if you don’t get it yet)… I find that I am lazy and out of shape because after walking a mile I am sweating in 50 degree weather. Record voice note on iPhone: work out more… fat ass (I find my psyche responds well to verbal abuse from itself).

10-12pm I drink two iced green teas and get a lot of responses to emails done, respond to comments on my blog and comment on other’s blogs. Then I send follow ups to two VERY LARGE proposals I sent out yesterday, one is to do the website and social media for a very popular Cable show and the other is for a successful chain of restaurants ran by a businessman in Vegas. Fingers & toes crossed, prayers said and I am PRAYING I get these because these would be the so called TIPPING POINT for me.

2pm Watched Law & Order SUV and it makes me think danger may lurk at every corner, so before I go back out I slip my mace in my purse.

6pm Dinner with the parents… their Doberman Sasha attacked me and kept biting my feet. This is why I am a cat person.

8:30 Networking i.e. going to my local, favorite ‘business bar’ and enjoying a libation with my friends while introducing myself using the 2 a night rule (make two networking connections each time I go out), this particular bar in Vegas called Vintners is like my own personal networking hot bed. I have gotten more leads here than I can tell you.

(this is me rocking out on the way to my networking bar)
12pm Bed time, rinse and repeat tomorrow.

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Start Up School Unveiled!

So today I am unveiling the largest undertaking I’ve ever done on this blog, or anywhere really. I have been working on this for over a month and it is an all inclusive 9 part course walking you how to start up a online or offline business, how to build a brand online, how to start a blog, how to create and market a product and how to find the passion that will drive you towards success in your niche!

Below are the chapters and please leave me feedback on what you think of it and feel free to tell friends who are looking to start a business but don’t know how to get started…

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Steps to Starting a Small Business

So its a month into the new year, are you ready to escape the 9 to 5 and start your own small business yet? Maybe your boss is an ass, maybe your wife is a nag, well why not show them all! Start your own small business and make something of yourself, become rich, powerful, successful and self respecting… all it takes is a few simple steps, a good dose of motivation and a serious passion for fashion… or you know, anything else.

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Tracking Your Blog’s Success through Alexa

The Breakdown

Alrighty… so here is the breakdown. Today I checked my Alexa rating, which was actually better than I thought it would be. But still, not great. No worries though, I’ve only been blogging on Escaping the 9 to 5 for 6 months now. Still… it is very important that each and everyone of you who blogs go check your Alexa rating now, this will help you see where you are and then compare and contrast to see where you WILL be in the future.

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