Outsourcing as a Way of Life

I work an insane schedule, on paper at least. My productive hours per day usually average 15 and that’s pure, unadulterated work. Strangely though I have one of the most flexible and free schedules of anyone I know, I travel a lot, wake up late and spend my evenings socializing. Many people think I’m ridiculously productive, burning the midnight oil till the wee hours of the morn when in reality I just outsource… it’s that simple.

Don’t shudder just yet… I’ve never heard more people react negatively to a word that so few understand. Often people look at me like I said “I just sacrifice babies” or “I just have the plague” when in reality outsourcing can be a beautiful thing between two people that benefits both parties… now this sounds weird. But it’s not! Really outsourcing is something I’ve used since I got started on my entrepreneurial journey and it’s something I couldn’t have succeeded without.

It’s what gives me the freedom to go swimming in the middle of the work day while simultaneously getting projects done and bringing in income and if you desire to live an unconventional life and build a unique business as I do then I’d love to share with you just how outsourcing works.

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I wrote this guest post for Colin of ExileLifestyle, and as I talk more about outsourcing on my blog I wanted to share it with my audience too!