This will Offend the H*%$ Out of Some People | Making 2010 Your Best Year Ever

So I’ve been trying to create a list of goals for 2010, they’ve ranged from “get a six pack” (which i nixed when i looked at pictures of chicks with six packs, too buff for me) to gain 1000 loyal fans, to stop sleeping 10 hours lazy ass.

All in all this year I am determined to meet my goals. So to do that I had to figure out why all the years before I hadn’t met my goals. Then I looked into the broader idea of why there are so many of us in the world that despite opportunities never meet our goals. This is what I’ve concluded:

You have to REALLY want it.

When you make a goal, say lose 20 pounds, if you are not 100% determined, focused and ready for the sacrifice you won’t do it. You can say all day long “I’m fat” but if you still are stuffing your face with blueberry muffins every morning you don’t really believe you are that fat. Because we do what we want to do. So whether your goal is to turn your business into a 1 million dollar a year enterprise or to quit your slave labor job if you aren’t beyond committed it will never happen and you’ll just become one of the bitching millions who plows through life without a clear purpose.

The second thing I realized is you have to KNOW what you want, have it SO clearly in your mind that there is no mistaking your goal.

In my own life I’ve realized that for too long I’ve stayed comfortable and not taken the chances that will ultimately get me where I want to go. I have catered to the masses instead of tailoring my business, brand and blog to the specific demographic I love and loves me. That will stop now.

For too long I’ve catered to general categories, general keywords, etc. I have written articles to address people who want to ‘maybe’ leave their job, people who have dabbled with the idea of working for themselves but are scared & anyone who is an entrepreneur. That is a freaking broad category, too broad and its not my real passion. The people, businesses and brands that I am passionate about are those who are passionate themselves!

Starting in 2010, well actually starting toda,y is gonna go through a face lift. I am going to follow in the footsteps of people like Tim Ferriss of Four Hour Work Week & Naomi of Ittybiz who don’t care who they offend, instead they just do what they love.

So here is who should really read my blog & who I think will get the most out of it and in turn who I’ll get the most out of. I am going for the idea of 1000 true fans and not stopping until I get there. If your with me we can help each other and build businesses and income sources up that will fund our lives doing what we please and never answering to a ‘boss’ again. This blog and me as a person, will start adhering much more to the true ideals behind escaping the 9 to 5 and never again compromise for the mushy generic goals of mediocrity!

Read escaping the 9 to 5 if:

  • You hate your job and can’t stand lining someone else’s pocket with cash that could go in yours.
  • You like your job but realize that doing it for the rest of your life will just make you a drone & you’ll never get to follow your true, deep down dreams like hiking the Andes, swimming with dolphins or traveling with the love of your life on a year long trek across Europe.
  • You have started a business and failed, and now you want to know how to do it right.
  • You have just started a business and need encouragement, strategic short cuts & want to know the best way to make the most money.
  • You are a zealot, ridiculously motivated and a big thinker.
  • You have crazy ideas and are dying for a way to let them out and make them reality.
  • You never take no for an answer.
  • You go against all odds.
  • You aren’t normal.

If you fit into any or all of these categories then PLEASE join me in a revolution of a very small and motivated group of individuals who will bond together to escape the 9 to 5, to earn more for less effort and to ultimately control their own life and destiny through being their own boss and designing income streams to support their dreams.

Email me, call me (1-702-245-2423 << personal cell) or hang out with me on Twitter or Facebook, we’ll form a community & our mutual motivation and crazy love of entrepreneurship will spread like wild fire to other like thinkers. This is true passion and it is amazing to be around others who are truly passionate. So if you are passionate for business, for starting businesses, for entrepreneurship & for becoming part of the 20% who make 80% of stuff happen please join me and lets make 2010 the best year ever!