The Wherever, Whenever, Whatever Principle

I did this video a few weeks ago and didn’t really promote on Youtube so I wanted to make sure any of you who didn’t see it got to.

This video is all about the WWW principle, an idea that I believe is truly life changing and can completely re invent your purpose in life within a few hours. I was reminded of the importance of this video today while I interviewed the amazing author’s behind How to Be Rich & Happy – an interview that will be airing on this blog soon and a book I truly recommend you to read.

Tim & John, the co authors of this book, coined the ‘whenever, whatever’ idea and explain in the book how it applies to living a happy full life. In this video I’ve expanded it to encompass one more W.

Trust me this concept can rock your world… it did mine in a big way.

Hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions, comments or testimonials please feel free to leave them below! I love interacting with you all almost as much as I love hot dogs (which is tons!).