Overcoming Entrepreneur’s Block

Why is it that only writer’s seem to get “blocked” in a socially acceptable (at times even romantic) way. You never hear about mechanic’s block or line cook’s block, damn writer’s and their dramatic ways! Well I decided today that entrepreneur’s can get “block” also but unlike the pie in the sky literary elite, we actually have to get over ours… and fast.

My entrepreneur’s block set in days ago and with increasing rigor seemed to take up more and more of my time. Fear started to creep in and every time I made a move I either second guessed it or just plain lost my train of thought. The other night I drank 4 vodka/sodas one to unhinge my block, instead I just got a headache the next morning. I worked 12 hours one day to try to break through my block and that did nothing but give me a panic attack. So finally out of sheer exhaustion I decided to turn off the computer, put on my oh so professional sequined bikini (I’m from Vegas people) and go for a swim in a river of all places, note: I wasn’t in Vegas at the time.

It was amazing. The natural scenery, the warm sun reflecting off my obnoxiously gaudy pink sequins, the whole scene allowed me to transcend my state of entrepreneur’s block and actually reach quite a few breakthroughs. And today I’m going to share those breakthroughts, my dear reader, so next time you have entrepreneur’s block you can get through it fast & without having to don an audaciously sequined bathing suit.

  1. Change your scenery. Do you work in an office? Go to a coffee shop. If you work in a coffee shop, try working in a library. Get outdoors if it’s at all pleasant in your part of the world, swim if possible, hike or at the very least lay in the grass. If none of these options are readily available stare out a window for a while, or watch videos on the Travel channel of exotic locals. Changing one’s scenery does great things both mentally and physically to jump start our creative mechanisms and allow us to see that the world is FAR bigger than our tiny problems, businesses and lives. This realization will help you make the most of yours and live large! P.S. If you have the resources and have hit a serious entrepreneur’s block I say travel, go to your neighboring state, country or continent if possible. The biggest business and personal breakthroughs I’ve ever had have been while traveling.
  2. Read. Never  under estimate the benefit of reading (or listening to) a good book. Whether it’s fiction, self help or biz related reading will open your mind and help you soar above your own problems and see the big picture. You’ll get great ideas and be inspired to possibly try dramatically different paths than you’ve currently been taking.
  3. Eat. When in doubt, eat is a motto I live by, the runner up is when in doubt, nap and the two can be used jointly for maximum results. Non-greasy, but hearty foods are best to help breakthrough entrepreneur’s block… trust me, I’m not a doctor.
  4. Exercise. You heard me chubs, get out of your chair lest your buttocks become one with it! Exercise, deep breathing and all that good stuff is incredibly helpful when one is trying to shake their entrepreneur’s block. It gets your blood pumping (more for the brain) and get’s your endorphins going. Even a walk can do great things for your body and mind, try 15 minutes to start and download one of the Escaping Podcasts to keep you company along the way (shameless plug, I know).
  5. Inventory your assets. And no I don’t mean make a list that starts with I have great thighs, my hair is pretty nice… I mean the mental assets you have that set you apart from the crowd and that you can use to make your business remarkable. Here are some examples: if you’re incredibly confident you can use that to your benefit since most people are of the shier variety. Be bold, walk up to people and introduce yourself EVERYWHERE you go… eventually you’ll meet someone who will change your life. If you’re a whiz when it comes to tech stuff, question whether you’re leveraging your assets to the fullest? Could you do more of what you love and are good at while delegating the rest of the stuff? Often that step alone helps me break my entrepreneur’s block and shake my business funk off.
  6. Get off the computer. I saved this for last in case you decide to take me at my word immediately. Nothing helps getting you through your entrepreneur’s block than turning off the computer, TV or radio and just being quiet and still for a while. Shut down everything electronic & take out a pen and paper, for the rest of the day let those be your only tools. When your mind isn’t focusing on 100 different things at once it will start expressing it’s creative power in amazing ways and the pen & paper is there to catch it all. I usually walk to a cafe and have a tea while staring out the window and playing with my pen, sooner or later my brain will realize it’s free to be totally creative with no distractions and the ideas, breakthroughs and extraordinary concepts will pour onto paper.

Alright all your amazing entrepreneurs & soon to be escapees let’s go out there and break down those mental blocks standing between you and ultimate success! I broke through after doing the above and boy howdy does it feel good to be free!