Stop Chasing Minnows or You’ll Fizzle Into Mediocrity

Today has been one of those ‘I need a hug’ days in Marenland, I’d been running particularly low on inspiration it seems even though yesterday was a very good day. Maybe it’s a positivity hang over, regardless it left me walking the streets of San Francisco in a fog trying to figure out what it is in my life that is weighing me down.

Then it hit me, after about a half hour of watching Seagulls in Yerba Buena Park, I’d been chasing minnows for far too long.

What chasing minnows is and why it’s so deadly

Imagine for a moment you’re standing knee deep in a babbling brook, toes wiggling around in the course sand. You’re goal is to leave that brook with a big fish but every time you look down you get distracted by little minnows zipping around your feet. You think “Well, while I’m waiting for this big fish to come by I’ll at least gather a few minnows” – they aren’t much fish meat, but they’re some. So you start chasing minnows and landing a few of the sluggish ones, all the while you tell yourself you’re keeping an eye out for the big fish.

You’re never gonna to catch a big fish that way…

That’s what struck me today like a hard slap in the face (not that I have much experience with that sensation). Even though I’d been telling myself for months I was “cutting down on distractions & focusing on my core” in reality I was just finding other minutia to distract myself with. My number one goal right now is supposed to be my start up, so why in the world have I been taking on more social media clients, trying to monetize my blog & attempting to get the Escalade of my dreams wrapped?

Because I’m dodging the “fear” factor of throwing myself 100% into my dream… I know that if I go all out & pursue my outsourcing business with laser focus there is the chance I’ll fail – but if I distract myself with 5 other mini projects I can keep putting off my main goal forever & thus avoid the fear.


So I’m done chasing minnows, from now on when I get in the water (which I’m about to dive head first into) I’m going to have 1 laser focus. That is, BIG FISH. I’ve written down the name of my big catch, which is getting Virtual Zeta & it’s sister Virtual Assistant Board launched & making a profit and I’m not going to let myself get distracted with anything until that goal is achieved.

Am I scared? Hell yes. But I know that if I don’t make this plunge I’ll wallow in mediocrity forever… a fate worse than death. I’d rather take the chance of going down fighting than fade out like a pop star of yesteryear.

My goal with this post is to push any of you who are on the precipice of doing something great over the edge. Hope it helps.