I’m Unemployable… Are You?

So I was sitting in Starbucks the other day – as often happens when I get bored of working from home with only my kitty as a companion – when I overheard 3 business people talking about their ‘terrible’ jobs and ‘tyrant’ boss. Munching on scones (which are uber fattening I may add) the trio varied in age, gender and nationality but they had one common thread that tied them together like brothers – they ALL hated their jobs, but were ‘stuck’ for one reason or another.

As I gazed at these three I thought “I’d rather live out of my car than have to go back to work in corporate America” then it dawned on me…

I’ve become unemployable…

How about you? How close are you to being truly unemployable? Have you quit your 9 to 5 yet, or are you still stuck in a job you despise for a variety of reasons. Maybe you tell yourself “I can’t quit I have a family to raise” – funny because MOST entrepreneurs I know started their business with a family at home and still made it big (notably: Mike Michalowicz, Johnny B Truant and Janine Allis). Or maybe it’s “I just don’t have any good ideas” – well why not take an entire weekend where all you do is brainstorm – then do this every week until you come up with a winner!

Being unemployable is both an awesome and scary feeling. I feel like I’ve reached a new plane in my life because I know I’ll never, ever go back to a ‘normal’ job. But I’ve also lost a great security blanket – because from now until doomsday I’ll be forced to support myself.

I have no 401k that is matched by some corporate entity, no retirement plan that is set up by my company, no insurance because I’m an entrepreneur and insurance companies can’t seem to grasp that we need health insurance too. Instead I have to fend for myself in some scary ways. I have to invest in Roth IRAs myself to make sure that I have a solid emergency fund and am saving for the future, I have to save enough money to help myself through a medical emergency until someone in the health industry decides to TAKE MY MONEY for a little insurance coverage.

This isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun… but you know what keeps me motivated day in and day out – FREEDOM. Because what I do may be hard and it may be scary but I am laying the foundation for freedom – both financially and emotionally – that will last the rest of my life.

How to know if you’re Unemployable too…

  1. Seeing people in suits makes you either want to cringe or give them a big hug and tell them ‘Run!!’
  2. Every time you’re in a business establishment that isn’t run properly you think ‘Gosh, I could do this! Just hand me over the reigns and I’ll get this biz into top shape in no time!’
  3. When your at your darkest momentĀ  you consider getting a ‘real’ job and then shake yourself violently and consider the other options like: panhandling, living in your car and starting another business from your cardboard box home.
  4. The word ‘entrepreneur’ to you sounds like angels singing.
  5. You can’t fathom trading precious hours of your life for not nearly as precious dollars.
  6. You’d rather fall on your cocktail sword than work in a business you don’t own.
  7. You read this blog and don’t think “Get a job weird little crazy girl”.

So ask yourself the question… Are you unemployable? Even if you are currently working for the man but the idea of beingĀ  unemployable rings true with your very being then realize that the path of entrepreneurship is strong within you! Remember the Force lay dormant within Luke for years but once awakened led him to greater and greater heights. You can be LUKE if the entrepreneurial force is strong with you! And hey, if you ever need any help feel free to ask me (I’d love to be your Obi-Wan!)