How I Made $4444 in 7 Days | You Can Too!

picture is of me singing karaoke while reading the words off my iPhone.. just be glad there was no sound attached to that image… its meant to say ‘If someone who looks that silly singing karaoke can do it you can too’!

Alright, this is one of my first No really I’m legitimate posts. I gotta say I am a little proud of myself too, because I’ve worked my butt off lately to get here (Sorry Tim Ferriss even though I adore your book I have yet to figure out how to work a four hour work week). But in this post I am going to show you two things.. first how I made $4444 in 7 days and secondly how you can do the same.

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So one of my New Year’s goals has been to make $10,000 (USD) per month gross for the first half of year… then after that I am going to put on the heat and do $10,000 a month net (oh snap!). You can imagine my happiness by 7th (yesterday) when I realized (with the help of my rusty math skills) I was only $5556 bucks away from my goal!

So how did I do it and how can you do the same, first let me tell you one thing… ALL of my income comes directly from my businesses. I don’t hold a job, I’m not one of those ‘internet marketers’ that preaches one thing but works at a corporate firm. I’ve refused to work for anyone, ever again. When I named this blog escaping the 9 to 5 I really meant it. Next let me tell you something else.. I won’t b.s. you. I have been working at my business for the last six months like crazy. Pulling in enough to live, barely at times, but still livable. But only in the last two months have I seen a big increase in business and money. Meaning… starting a business takes time! Not a lot of time, 4 months to make more than I would at a normal job is great. But still.. don’t be surprised when you work at your online or offline business for a few days and don’t see buckets of cash.

Also anyone who tells you otherwise is a big, fat LIAR. You must work to eat and you must work hard to eat well. Good news is that I have noticed the law of compound interest working in my own entrepreneur’s life. Each month that I work I make more and things come a little easier. It was hardest, scariest and the most stressful in the first 3 months. Now I make more, stress less and have more fun at my business.

So what is my business model right now? Firstly, I have another website called where I teach people how to powerseller on eBay (something I did for years in college and made a great living). I sell a few eBooks on there but the bulk of my income has come from helping small to medium businesses get viral online. What I did was take my knowledge of the online world and share it with businesses that have the marketing budgets but not the time or creativity to get a strong viral presence online.

I charge anywhere between $99 bucks a month (via tweeterpreneur) to $3500 a month for customized social media packages. Ones that I put a lot of tears and idea equity into. I’ve hired 4 full time people that are all telecommuters (this system allows me to operate with no overhead i.e. lights, water, rent) and gives me a flexibility that I crave.

So will I make the $5556 before the 31st to make my goal? I think so, no, darn it, I know so. I’ve come this far, I’m determined to go even farther. $4444 may seem like a fortune to some of you and a meager amount to others but I will tell you what it means to me. Freedom, the freedom to live the life I want, the freedom to answer only to myself and more than anything the freedom to not worry about what if I get laid off. Is entrepreneurship easy? Heck no! Its one (if not THE) hardest thing I’ve done. It is incredibly scaring because you must go against what 99% of the population thinks is the best course.

Say screw you to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it. You can.

I have had NO proper training in entrepreneurship, business or marketing but I read 3 business books a week and consume knowledge. That is really all it takes, that and a crazy, irrational passion to succeed.

Hope this inspired some of you, please let me know what your fears or hesitations are in the comment post below & I’ll help you crush them!


Maren Kate