What’s Your “Come Hell or High Water”?

What is the one thing you want more than anything… what’s the thing you’ll fight for – come hell or high water?

Today I had a very real wake up call on what I want more than anything. A goal deeply tied into my belief that people should strive to become self made and my business, Zirtual.

It all started this morning when I was wishing I could offer a friend a job at Zirtual (someone who has vast talent and skill but got royally screwed by “the man” so to speak). I often wish I could give good people, hard working people jobs – but we’re currently just a baby company and doing things super bootstrapped style with a team of 3.

Then I got a nasty email…

Out of the blue – after sending an email out aimed at helping the people that read my newsletter – I get this email ripping me a new one for no apparent reason.

This completely derailed my day as I took the time to respond (petty mistake n. 1) and then angrily researched the jerk online to see who the hell he was to say such nasty things to me (petty mistake n. 2).

Finally I started thinking how I could turn this angry feeling into something productive, so I began redirecting into the “I’ll show you” mentality. I took out a pen and paper and wrote down my goals – as I often do when I want to encourage myself – and then started brainstorming how I could reach them faster, better and brighter.

I scribbled furiously what I want my business to one day become: a meaningful company that will be worth $100 million dollars – a company that can hire talented friends who need jobs – a company that can make huge differences in it’s customers lives – and a company whose entire philosophy is wrapped up in the concept of facilitating relationships between hard working assistants and hard working entrepreneurs.

Then I sat and looked at that piece of paper for a long time.

Suddenly, it hit me…

Like in so many hurtful, negative things there was a kernel of truth shrouded in the irksome email I had received earlier. It was a sentence along the lines of “who are you to try to give out all this advice (on your blog)” justified by a “I’m a successful business man and you’re not” etc. etc.

And the jerk was right – I’m not a successful businessman… yet.

My businesses before Zirtual was mildly successful and in the eyes of people trying to escape their jobs I did well. I supported myself, had several clients who paid up to $5k a month for social media services and had a decent sized team working for me – but it wasn’t an out of the ball park success.

…And deep down I felt ashamed of that.

So when someone says “You’re not successful enough to give out advice” it hits me hard because until now I’ve written this blog as a “how to” versus a “this is how I’m doing it, follow along if you like” and there in lay my mistake.

Once I realized it and saw how easily I could fix it on this blog the sting of the nasty email completely lifted and instead I saw it as a learning experience. So I wrote back:

Dear X,

Thanks for your email. Though you meant it to dishearten me your words had completely the opposite effect – you were right in a way and realizing that has completely changed my attitude.


No more “how to” only “let’s try this”

I never wanted this blog to become a platform where I preach – since I’m only trying stuff and seeing what works, what doesn’t and course correcting as I go.

Instead I want this blog to be like a shared journey – between me and those rare souls who want more than anything to become self made and who’ve chosen the path of entrepreneurship to get them there.

So from now on – on this blog, my video channel and the newsletter I’ll be a lot more open, candid and ballsy about how I’m building my will-be $100 million dollar business and the wins or losses along the way.

I’m not pretending my goals aren’t as big as they are anymore – I’ll either fail spectacularly and everyone can say I told you so or I will succeed spectacularly and I will have the satisfaction of of knowing I did what 99.9% of the population will never do – build a 9 figure business.

So back to ‘come hell or high water’…

For so long I’ve worked hard towards the goal of hitting a business out of the park and with Zirtual I know beyond know that this is the fast ball and I’m equipped with the bat – I just have to practice, practice and practice some more.

This is the key to all success I believe and a key you can easily hold too.

I believe with fervor, with passion, without a single doubt in my mind that by the time I turn 30 (I’m late 25 as of today) I will have built the $100 million dollar company of my dreams. There is literally no doubt in my mind. It’ll be the hardest four years of my life, there will be tons of pivots and maybe some outright changes in direction – but I’m going big or going home.

That may be insane but it’s the honest truth…. come hell or high water I’ll reach that goal.

Now it’s time to ask yourself: what goal could you commit yourself to with that fervor? What thing do you know beyond know that if you dedicated yourself to it with solitary focus you’d knock it out of the park?

Next actions…

  1. If you don’t have that goal: don’t fret, it just means you need to watch, listen and learn more before you’re epiphany hits you. It took me years of reading and researching business models in my teenage years before I took the plunge. Don’t rush it but always keep your eyes open.
  2. If you do have your goal: focus on it, solely, without distraction and dedicate yourself to achieving it no matter what.

Also, regardless of where you’re at, I want you to listen to The Strangest Secret. It’s a truly inspirational talk by Earl Nightingale recorded in 1956, the amazing part is like many jewels of wisdom it’s still insanely applicable today. It will encourage you, inspire you and jazz you up to succeed at whatever your goal is.

So whether it’s starting a small business that provides you an income of $250,000 a year and will support your family or building the next billion dollar baby you should listen to the above then settle on JUST ONE goal to go for like crazy in your quest to become self made…

P.S. Please don’t respond “It’s hell & high water” – I’ve always said it ‘hell or high water’ and that’s how everyone in Texas said it when I was real little – so it’s “or” for me and since I’m not apologizing anymore – deal with it 😉 On that note would love your feedback, whether you believe I can do it or think I’m ridiculous it doesn’t matter as long as you respect the fact that I’m trying.