Fudge!!! and My Life on the E List

Fudge man. That is all I can say. So in all my wisdom, I decided to change all my categories on Escapingthe9to5.com to start moving towards the site update I’ll soon be implementing – what I didn’t know was that in doing this I messed up tweetmeme and the facebook share plugin so EVER post reset to zero 🙁 and I think my links are all broken now!


But, what can you do, when my virtual assistants (I heart them!) come in later today I’ll be on Skype sobbing and they’ll come up with some kind of ingenious plan, because they’re brilliant – while I on the other hand should never be let near my websites without adult supervision.


Guess where I am going tomorrow? LA! Yay! One of my awesome clients is taking me with to do social media stuffs while they go to the Leno show. It’s one of the many perks of being an E (my new nick name for myself and other entrepreneurs) and the reason I do what I do, because at the end of the day I have tons of fun.


The new categories go like this:

  • Awesome Sauce: which I believe is self explanatory, this will hold all the awesomeness that can’t fit into a regular category. My promise, it’ll either be awesome or it’ll be sauce, you never know with me which one your getting.
  • Blog Soup + Website Goodness: any post I do on blogging, website design or optimization and such will go under this cleverly named category (can any else see the trend of me having too much time on my hands in naming these?).
  • E Success Stories: e = entrepreneurs, success stories…well you get the drift. This will be the category that holds all the interviews I do with successful entrepreneurs and the like. Which in the coming weeks I will have some interviews that will knock your socks off, I have finally started to learn how to interview properly and now am digging into to the meaty stuff so you and I can learn together from those who have been there and made millions.
  • Empire Building: I don’t consider myself a “Small business owner” I consider myself a tiny empire builder. So everything that will benefit you in your own empire building.
  • Marketing for smart people: no dumb people allowed, period. Lol – unless you me and delete all your categories – so cross that dumb people are allowed and encouraged to become smart people.
  • Mobile Entrepreneurship: my personal passion! I love to travel and build my businesses so that they are completely mobile and I get to be location independent! Stick with this category to figure out how to build a business with close to 0 overhead and lots of freedom to move about!
  • My Life on the E List: my category! I’ve never really told my story on Escapingthe9to5.com but today – that changes! My life on the E list is just that – my life as a young entrepreneur trying things and going towards big goals. Hopefully it’ll be entertaining and educational – but at the very least it’ll be entertaining because I’ve been told my weirdness is quite fun to watch unfold.
  • Rock Star Branding: it has always amazed me why there aren’t more rock stars in the business world, I mean they seem to do so well in TV, pop culture and music – why haven’t we adopted crazy rock star antics yet? They garnish lots of attention and if done correctly (ala Lady Gaga) can build a personal brand that will last a lifetime. This is the category where I outline my search for the best way to brand your business and person just like rock stars do.

Okay, so that’s about it. If you live in LA and will be in the downtown area – I think I’m staying at the Roosevelt so give me a shootout on Twitter @marenkate and or tell me good places to eat & drink around there! If you have advice on what to do if you chanage all of your categories like a moron, please, let me know your insights! I will owe you one!

To your continuing E success!