Focusing on Money for Freedom’s Sake in 2016


I’m really, reeeally, excited about this New Year.


Multiple reasons…

One has to do with a Rhett Butler quote I recently read and loved:

“Until you’ve lost your reputation, you never realize what a burden it was or what freedom really is.”
Gone with the Wind

2015 was a harrowing year both personally and professionally. But a funny thing happens once you walk through a hellscape for months on end, when you pop out the other side—still intact—a lightness of being is permanently attached to your psyche.

Things can go bad, of course, but rarely will they go that bad again. Which is very, very freeing.

The second and third reason is that I finally have come to peace with the *why* behind my desire to have money, outlined in this surprisingly popular Linkedin Post:

  • The Point of Having Money

and I also have a new startup passion and archetype I want to share with untethered entrepreneurs. I wrote about it on Medium:

The gist is that money is supposed to bring y0u freedom, so if chasing money whether it’s a startup or a career is bringing you more complexity and indebtedness-to-others than freedom… you may want to consider a sea change.

If these two world views jive with you—I’d love to have you join me for the journey. I’ll be posting 10 articles outlining how we’ll be starting our new venture… stay tuned + join the newsletter for more details.