Escaping the 9 to 5 | What I do & Why You’ll Like It!

I just turned 24, have NO corporate or classical biz experience and am entirely self taught. For years now I have read every business book & downloaded hundreds of hours of podcasts on internet marketing. I dare to say I know more about general business, online marketing & being successful in a virtual marketplace than most of the middle managers twice my age with two kids and a Volvo.

I say that not to brag, trust me. I’ve only begun to get my feet wet but I want everyone who reads this to know: if I can escape the 9 to 5, so can you! Come on, give yourself some credit… Who out there reading this is not smarter than your average, 24 year old flighty college drop out! Probably most of you have more experience, knowledge & life skills than I do. So beat me, I dare you.

I’ll help you out even, give you the ‘push’ you need to get out of the rat race & become the master of your own life! Finally! I will be outlining on this site EXACTLY how to get out of being an employee and quick start a business with minimal start up costs, time & headaches that will at least replace your old income & probably exceed it!

How? Well, thanks for asking.

I’ll be outlining in blogs, podcasts and video tutorials exactly what to do step by step. I’ll print my own personal earnings & break down how I got there and how you can too. The world it’s a-changing, you can either be one of the 90% who slave away to make someone else rich, or join what Timothy Ferris (author of The Four Hour Work Week) calls the new rich. These 10% are made up of those who are sick of working for the man & instead want to become the man, while designing the lifestyle of their choice & bringing in constant passive income.

Everybody’s man looks different as well. I wanted to become ‘the man’ who is actually a chick, likes to travel & work from her laptop. Her office is Starbucks and all her worldly possessions fit in her Lexus – gotta be ready to go at any time, in style, of course. Besides, think of all the business books and gurus out there. Smart, indeed. Successful, absolutely. But I’m more fun, promise! Come along on my journey & learn for yourself to start escaping the 9 to 5.