Dreamworld: A Short Story

I’ve been writing mostly about social media marketing & how to start a small business as of late. But the reason behind why I work like I do and am creating a mobile lifestyle is so I can pursue my truest passion, which is writing. Who knows, I may be awful at it.. but I’ve written over 100 pages of short stories in the last three years and I am sick of waiting for ‘one day’ when I’ll have all the time and money in the world and I can get my writings published. Screw the man and the horribly hard process of getting published.. I am just going to publish it myself. Here on Escaping the 9 to 5, because fiction is another thing that helps me escape and makes me smile.

World Premier of DreamWorld & also the first time I’ve had the guts enough to publish, for all to see what I write.. (give me your thoughts/critics at the end but be gentle! I’m sensitive!)

She was in that strange house again, and it was if she was seeing herself through a third person’s perspective. She lay on something similar to a bed or couch but different from any bed or couch she’d ever seen. It was rectangular with colorful explosions that looked botanical all over it. In the house it was cool, something blew air on her from above and made whirring sounds. In the dream she was pale and small, with hair that grew off her head in flat streams of gold. Her eyes were the oddest color of green, not green like normal green but subdued, sprinkled with spots of brown. She would always get up and leave what she was laying on and walk out an opening in the house, it looked transparent but as she walked toward it the fine grading came into focus. Often she thought she would simply walk through it but the grading was solid and there was a white handle to pull or push the opening one way or another. As she left the house she would be outside, it was a bright color of day as alien as the dream world itself. The ground was covered in what looked like a blanket of miniature green spears with large brown cylinder   growing out of it that made there way towards the sky with poofs of goldens, reds and browns at the top. In this dream an oval parchment floated down towards her as she gazed up into the blue sky, she plucked it from its lazy free fall and examined the veiny spine of the thing and the starchy smoothness of its surface. A gust of wind with a hint of cold blew around her and every dream she remembered thinking a strange word Fall. Suddenly there is a deafening sound that brought her to her knees and a flash of light so bright she thought it would blind her that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once… then she woke up.

Vl204i lay on the hovering metallic circle and rubbed her eyes, she rolled over on her side and pressed in the code that woke up the rest of the house. The children would need to eat and their studies had to uploaded for the day, Xl561e would have to reprogram the zybot before he went to work and she would need to tidy the place up before the neighbors from quad 8e7 came over tonight. As she slipped out of bed, still trying to shake the eerily realistic feel of her dream. She looked down at her arms just to make sure. Same purplish skin covered all seven fingers, same orange nails long and filed to a perfect point. Slowly she reached up to feel her head, no hair, just smoothness except for the six graduating bumps along the crown that had always been there. As Vl204i stretched her lean, muscular body her maid, one of the newest models of advanced flying droids (the earlier models had been prone to exploding), dressed her in the caftan style outfit all females wore. It was nothing like the strange clothes on the dream version of her, just one large piece of organic-color changing fabric that was good for all occasions, all one needed to do was think of a color and the one chose would appear on the caftan. Still rubbing her eyes, she once more stole a glance in the reflector and staring back at her were her same silver eyes with lids that closed right to left, satisfied with her reflection Vl204i left the room.

Later that morning she watched and waved while her husband and children shuttled off into the constant stream of pod travel that was backed up at this hour. Standing on the hovering ring that circled her home she looked at earth below her and its barren dusty landscape and then up onto the horizon that shone blue with the morning sun. Earth had been like this for as long as anyone ever knew of, they had come to inhabit the upper atmosphere over 10000 years before and it had been desolate then and seemingly forever before that. But those dreams, those realistic dreams. What if that was what it used to be like. She pulled her caftan close and looked on into the morning stars and blue sun that was rising. A strong gust of wind blew up from earth and she glanced down to see a dust devil raging thousands of miles beneath her, she shivered and went back inside.