25 Quirky Things to be Thankful for

things to be thankful for Be Thankful: I’m writing this from a hotel room in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. My brother mentioned, as we were walking back from a sumptuous dinner at Le Chili’s, that center of this city reminded him of a post-zombie-apocalypse movie – hello Appalachia.

I’ve had a hell of a time getting here. 10 hours, four airports SFO > DEN > IAD > CRW, lost tickets, misplaced bags – it would be oh so easy to bitch. But instead I’m going to be thankful. I’m surrounded by family I haven’t seen for ages and have a chance to reflect on this last year and all the things I have to smile about.

Being thankful, or grateful, is hands down the best way to live. You’ll live longer, be happier and enchant others with your positive outlook versus boring them to death with your whining. So in honor of Thanksgiving I wanted to jot down 25 things that I’m truly thankful for and maybe you can be too.

25 things to be thankful for…

  1. Rain. It washes the streets, the trees, the cars and occasionally the soul.
  2. Iced green tea from Starbucks… yum.
  3. The big, blue ocean that is only ever a road trip away.
  4. Canadians, especially Canadians who work at startups.
  5. Grocery stores, and the fresh food that dwell within them.
  6. Fast cars.
  7. People who doubt you, because you’ll work a lifetime to prove them wrong.
  8. Technology, for so many reasons, it can save lives.
  9. The bad times, because without them the good times would have no perspective.
  10. Kitties, those epic, cuddly napping companions.
  11. Instagram, an amazing app that allows you to see the world from other people’s eyes.
  12. The ability to have a dream and build it into a company like Kickstarter.
  13. Good and bad mothers, they both teach you something.
  14. Good and bad fathers, they both teach you something too.
  15. Hitting bottom, because there really is nowhere to go but up.
  16. Hitting a glass ceiling, because like in Willy Wonka you can always break through it if you just don’t stop.
  17. Film Noir, and it’s exquisitely sexy leading ladies & gents.
  18. The enchanting creativity of small children.
  19. Bacon wrapped dates, be still my beating heart.
  20. People who love you in spite of knowing how f*ed you truly are.
  21. Bustling, big cities.
  22. Cool, cheap vacations you can grab at the last minute on sites like this.
  23. Charities that are truly trying to make a difference, ala charity water.
  24. Horses, and the people who know how to make riding them look so easy.
  25. The ability to fall in love.

I am so grateful for my loving parents, Susan and Vic, my amazing brother, John and my darling Grandparents Mary and Armen Charles… they have encouraged me like nobody’s business and I’ll be forever grateful for their love. Also to my dearest Jake, who has endlessly supported me and my work.