100 Days to Change Your Life

Can you dramatically change your life in 100 days? This question has been bouncing around in the dusty corners of my mind since jetting off to sunny Florida yesterday. I’m on the road again, something I’m starting to tire of, but all that flying time not only gives me yummy frequent flyer miles *score* but also allows me hours of unadulterated thinking time while my flight mates snooze or consume the latest Cosmo.

The answer is obvious and is yes. I mean technically you could dramatically change your life in a day. You could hack off your arm (hey, it would dramatically change your life), you could buy a midlife-crisis-mobile (red, sports car) or you could spend a day thinking about what you really want from this world … which may put you on a crash course with destiny sooner than later.

But I’m not one who’s into rushing it, instead I think we should focus on 100 days from now. An 100 day challenge so to speak. I’m throwing down the gauntlet and those of you – the few, the bold and the brave – who really want to live an extraordinary life should take it up and make the next 3 months ones that dramatically change your life for the better!

The 100 Day Challenge Rules of Engagement

To change your life in 100 days first you must decide what you want to do, become or pursue. We all can say we want to be thinner, happier and richer but when we’re pressed for exact details of each goal our desire becomes fuzzy and intangible. Before you begin your 100 day challenge, make sure you want to change for reasons that resonate deeply within yourself instead of external noise.

Do you want to have more money because you need more spending power to be happy, or do you want it because our society equates riches with happiness? Maybe you don’t need more money but instead just want more freedom and mobility. Maybe you’re happy staying in one place but really want a stronger community around you. Decide on your goals and make sure they are your goals… then it’s time to begin.

Step 1: Choose Your Changes

I want my life to change in three specific ways over the next 100 days:

  1. I want to look and feel good
  2. I want to become extremely disciplined
  3. I want both VirtualZeta & VirtualAssistantBoard (soon to be re-branded) to take off in huge ways

It’s good to focus on between 1 and 3 ways that your life can change in the next 100 days, more than that and you may get overwhelmed or succumb to exhaustion. I picked my three, now you pick yours… and take a few days doing so if need be to make sure they’re changes you really want.

Step 2: Drafting Your Change Chart

Now that you have your goals it’s important that you break them down into actionable steps. Here’s how I broke mine down…

I want to look & feel good This means that I need to start exercising regularly. Not only will exercise get me healthier, but it will give me more confidence and help me feel good about my body. This goal also requires me to start dressing better, something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

This means throwing out all my scrubby sweat pants and instead building a simple wardrobe of fashionable, multiple use articles of clothing. To look and feel good I need to make sure to do my face and hair every day so I feel confident and pretty when in public – something I often shun because I’m lazy and think “oh well, who am I trying to impress” when the answer should be myself. I need to start working on impressing myself with the way I look and feel, then that confidence will spill over into other parts of my life and enhance my dealings with others.

I want to become extremely disciplined. I’m a notorious late sleeper, waiting till the last moment, type person. I hate this about myself and know I will be far more productive if I can become more disciplined. I’m planning on studying aspects of Zen, since that seems to lead into a calm, focused lifestyle as well as testing out other broader disciplinary studies. Even forcing myself out of bed at the exact same time every morning will help. I’ll be reading books, blogs and listening to other’s advice on how to lead a more disciplined life with the hope that in 100 days I will be a well oiled, disciplined machine!

I want both VirtualZeta & VirtualAssistantBoard to take off in huge ways. Today (at the last minute of course) I applied for the Founder’s Institute for VAB… soon to be re-branded as Zirtual.com (just snagged it, yay!). If I get in it would be a major change and a time/money commitment, but it could be absolutely world rocking for my business. Just applying was a major step in the right direction for this goal and for the next 100 days I will wake up every morning and think “How can I make both of my businesses massively successful?” then I’ll go about the day with those thoughts churning in my head.

Step 3: Writing Your Goals Down & Getting Going!

Now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and get going! Enough talk, enough thinking, write your goals down and stick them to a calendar that you can see every day. It can be in your daily planner or stuck to your refrigerator – but the more places you see it the better. Assign a color to each goal and on each day that you make a step towards a goal – no matter how small – be sure to mark a little colored X on your calendar.

The more x’s you have, the more momentum you’ll gain. Soon you’ll start to see massive changes since every day you are actively working towards your goals! Also start MONDAY!! It’s been proven that starting new habits on Mondays increase the likelihood of you sticking to them exponentially. Mondays mentally set off ‘fresh start’ signals in your head and help you get into a mindset where you will accomplish your goals.

If you want to dramatically change your life in 100 days I’d love to hear about it, just leave a comment with your goals or response to this post! P.S. The winners from 7 Ways to Live & Love your brand are: Tess Ball, Soni, Maria – Felix from RichWP will be contacting you with your prizes!