I Hate My Job! 5 Ways to Quit & Do What You Love

“I hate my job” This is a sentiment you’ll probably hear thousands of times in a lifetime, no doubt you’ve uttered it yourself at some point. Now don’t think I’m criticizing! I was the master of the “aaarrrrgghhh… I hate this place” attitude when I worked a 9 to 5, so I know what it feels like. If you do hate your job, you’ll be pleased to know 22,200 people a month agree with you!

While perusing Google’s keyword tool today I stumbled upon the job haters niche – this is a group  of people who type in “I hate my job” into search engines everywhere… what I want to know is what do they expect to find? I’m sure some do it to vent, some do it to find others to commiserate with, while some must be waiting for a big, blinking result that will solve all their job hating problems for life.

It’s not enough just to hate your job, you have to hate it enough to do something about it. So here’s a list of 10 ways to quit your 9 to 5 and start doing what you love.. hope it helps!

Way to quit: Smack your boss in the face

Way to do what you love: Move to your dream location.

Often the perfect opportunity will fall into  your lap when you make it a point to live in a place you love. Let’s say your an accountant in Chicago, you loathe your job and the weather… so instead of bitch through another winter quit your job, cash out your stock options and move the fam to the Philippines. This lovely island locale is warm all year long and is decidedly cheaper than the windy city. Once you get there start an online business helping Americans and others find VA’s in the country you now reside in. You’ll get paid in USD and Euros which will go way far in the Philippines and your out of the ice and cold for good while doing what you love, where you love!

Way to quit: Strip down to your skivvies and start dancing to “Thriller” in a human resources meeting about sexual harrasment in the workplace.

Way to do what you love: Make an activity your livelihood.

If you love to kayak, watch old movies or dance the salsa I have good news for you! You are in a niche and  you didn’t even know it! “Old Movies” get’s 49,500 unique searches a month online and there is a strong community of classic movie buffs who love nothing more than to chat about bygone favorites.

You can start a blog, a podcast or a platform where you and the 50k others like you can watch videos in unison and then comment throughout them in a chat room. Getting into a hobby you love (it could be glass blowing, golf or bingo) with the mindset of a business person can make you a great living. Just be sure to enter everything with the premise of ‘how will I monetize’ and try to be strategic about it.

Way to quit: Stage your own death (by  bagel knife) in the coffee room using ketchup as a prop, be sure to stumble out the front door and leave a “bloody” trail of ketchup from your office to the nearest large body of water so they’ll never “find the body”. Note: you may need several bottles of ketchup and a bus ticket if you are not immediately near water

Way to do what you love: Use a God given gift.

Have you always been good at reading people? Become a PI, it’s fun, exciting and can pay $500 and up an hour! If you are especially savvy with a piece of wood and a knife, move somewhere tree-y and start making home made furniture and selling it at a “premium” online. You could get REALLY crazy and move to Northern Cali where lots of drift wood washes ashore, use it to make the furniture (less whittling required) and sell it as an eco-friendly alternative to the La-Z-Boy.

Way to quit. Use the highest paid executive in your firm’s fax machine to send pieces of toast to the Boston office, if it’s doesn’t work the first time – add jelly.

Way to do what you love. Review it.

Do you love the latest gadgets that come on in X, Y or Z categories? Then why not become a reviewer for whatever it is you love. Not only will you get lots of free goodies from companies wanting some exposure for their product but if you develop a well read blog based around reviewing let’s say grills you can probably make a pretty penny of the ads. Do this with 3 or 4 niches and you’ve got yourself a full time income replacement, which is good since I doubt anyone will hire you on again after that whole ‘faxing toast’ incident (what were you thinking!!).

Way to quit: In an effort to save on rent, move into your office cubicle and shower in water fountain using your latest memos as wash cloths.

Way to do what you love: Solve other people’s problem.

I was watching an Eben Pagan video the other day (of Double your Dating lore) and he said something that really stuck out in my mind. Pagan said “People pay for solutions not suggestions”, this is very true in the information marketing world as well as any good or service that can be sold to solve a problem.

Think of Dr. Laura, the South Beach Diet or Credit settlement companies. Each offer a solution to your most pressing need. Dr. Laura tells it how it is (or how she sees it) and people line up to listen to her be borderline abusive with them as she lays down the cold, hard truth. Often I wonder why callers would put themselves through it, but it’s always because they want a solution, regardless in what form it comes they just want to know what to do next.

So what can you do that will help people solve an urgent need? What solutions do you have to offer? Are you a whiz at car repairs? You could be the next Click & Clack of Car Talk. If you are great at giving practical relationship advice why not start a blog, a podcast and a youtube video where all you do is answer questions submitted online by your audience. If you have a solution for wrinkles that is all natural, write an ebook about it and set up a killer affiliate program so it practically sells itself. Point is there are millions of problems in the world and every problem has a solution, find one that resonates with you and don’t stop until you’ve become the “guru” in that field.

I say instead of punching your boss, kick yourself in the pants and get going on escaping the 9 to 5 for good. It may take a year, it may take five but with persistence, the right attitude and a little savvy you can be living life on your own terms – which is well worth the struggle.