How To Make More Money by Freelancing (Anyone can do it)

Do you want to make more money but don’t have the time or drive to spend months and months starting a business, building a product and marketing? Do you want maximum return with minimal effort? Freelancing just may be for you then my friend… you lazy ass you. Here I’ve explained exactly how to take any knowledge and passion you have and turn it into profitable freelancing gigs. Grab a coke and a pen and paper because this will be a long one, but it is vastly worth it if you are interested in making more money and starting the foundation for entrepreneurial bliss.

Firstly, anyone can be a freelancer.

You may not believe me, but hear me out. Freelancing usually brings to mind images of nerds sitting in their basements doing complex coding or graphic design. But freelancing can be anything where you share your information with others for a price.

What information do you have to give? Well, ask yourself, how the heck should I know? What are you good at… if you say nothing then seriously just leave. I hate people who say they aren’t good at anything because its 99.9% of the time a big fat pity party lie and if it is true then do the world a favor and sterilize yourself. I don’t want you screwing up the gene pool for the rest of us.

Examples of careers & skills that may be beneficial for freelancing.

Project manager – You can teach firms, small business and individuals how to get organized, how to run a tight ship and how to streamline their production lines. You can teach people how to manage underlings, you can even teach people how to hire (or fire) project managers… tips and tricks of the trade etc.

Thief – yes, thief. Did you go to the can for any sort of wrong doing like breaking and entering, insurance fraud, white collar no-no’s? If so companies and firms will hire you! Not to work for them granted but as a freelancer to teach them how to avoid people like you ripping them off! You could even teach a course online or off that helps others avoid being scammed or how to prevent employee theft. Because come on, you have first hand experience.

Mom – Go to big marketing firms and be the resident what moms like consultant. Tell them how they can reach your demographic (one of the biggest spending by the by) and they will pay you! Approach a small tiny biz first, that possibly caters to moms and ask if they’d like some help streamlining their marketing strategy and getting an ‘insider’ look at what matters to moms.

College kid/teen/I-live-with-my-parents-and-game-to-much:

Fortunately for you, your career-less demographic spends lots of money with big corporations. Banks maybe interested in learning what matters to young people today so they can get more of them to sign up for credit cards (then suck the life out of them later). Marketing companies and large firms may be interested in your take on your peers turn ons and turn offs. Tell them where all the kids are going online, where they aren’t going and what matters to them… this info alone is worth its weight in gold to most corporations.

More ideas…

  1. Good at writing? Think of: copywriting, editing, teaching people to do either better
  2. Musically inclined? Council bands on how to get more gigs/fans/etc.
  3. Personal trainer? Consult on how businesses can have a more healthy/happy staff and craft a daily ‘exercise’ routine employees can do at their desks.

Write down your skills…

Think of what you are good down and write down as many things as possible before quitting. Hockey, running, singing, organization, people person, survivalist, coding websites, graphic design, Russian, cooking vegan dishes, etc.

Now get creative and think of a demographic that will pay for you knowledge (bankers, start up companies, magazines), a way to package your skills that is attractive (my knowledge will make you more money, save you time, make you more productive) and finally think of a way to get in touch with that demographic (cold calls, smoozing the head nurse at a doctor’s office, networking at banking functions).

That excerpt is from an amazing blogpost Ramit Sethi did on freelancing. And it rings very true, take it to heart before we move on.

Here are two good examples to get your mind moving, after that your on your own!

Example 1: Jack is in the black.

Jack is in debt up to his eyeballs, he works a low income job that he likes but unfortunately didn’t need to get a major in ‘undecided’ for. Jack has lots of passions but needs money now. So he choses a market that is profitable like doctors. He now tries to figure out a way to freelance that doctors will pay him for. So first he finds out what problems doctors suffer with by talking to a few. He finds out that doctors are sued for malpractice more often because the physician isn’t ‘nice enough’ than because of poor work. So Jack decides to brand himself as a consultant who helps doctors avoid malpractice & build a loyal following of patients. He creates a 7 step course over a week and shops around at different doctors offices. He tells them he charges $75 an hour for one on one or they can have him talk to their entire staff for $250 an hour. Jack gets turned down a few times so decides to go to a neighboring town and offer his services for free to one office. He documents the results and then goes back to his city and keeps going. Soon people sign up and once one is in the bag Jack uses leverage to go to other competing offices and offer his services while dropping names of who he has consulted with before and their amazing results. Within a year Jack is not only debt free but pulls in a cool $2,000 a week and has quit his other job. He is a full time consultant and is now getting $3000 speaking gigs at doctors conferences all over the place.

Billy Blogs.

Billy is a full time blogger and brings in a decent living, he loves what he does but would like to make some extra money in the next year to buy a house. So Billy takes his passion, blogging, and decides to market it to a wealthier demographic. Billy goes to small and mid size companies and asks them if they have anyone who does their blogging full time? Most of them don’t even have a blog so Billy explains why it is such a powerful tool and needed as an add on to their website. He charges a flat rate to set up a wordpress blog and then depending on the amount of words and times a month creates a monthly rate for each client. He reads their PR material, studies their business and market for a few hours a month and blogs on different topics interesting to that client’s market. He uses his own blog as proof that blogging works. Then he grows the blogs of his clients. The more he blogs and the more hits he shows that the company is getting from his blog the more his clients are happy and word spreads. Soon Billy is having to turn down blogging gigs and up his prices, he is known as a business blogging whiz by now and truly starting to make some serious cash while doing what he loves.

These examples aren’t uncommon, they are just uncommon for most people to actually do. The biggest part of freelancing isn’t the skill set or the time its that so many people are lazy or scared. Don’t be one of those, instead commit that 2010 will be the year where you earn as much extra income as you want. Take your first step towards escaping the 9 to 5 and becoming a full fledged entrepreneur by dabbling your toes into freelancing (not literally of course)… you may find you really like it 🙂

**GREAT RESOURCE: this site lists tons of examples of how much to charge for a variety of freelance services, including the low and high ends. Check it out if you are going to do some freelancing work before you make a quote.