Entrepreneurs are Freedom Fighters

Today I realized my life’s purpose while I was cleaning my George Foreman grill. Coincidence? I think not!..kidding I know it was. Anyways, as I scraped burnt chicken goo off the griddle it struck me: I’m a freedom fighter… my life’s purpose is to gain as much freedom as I can and to teach others how to do the same.

Are you a Freedom Fighter?

The reason I was contemplating my life’s purpose was because today someone very close to me said “You are obsessed with money” and it really upset me. No one wants to hear that and of course I got defensive at first but then I realized… I had been focusing on the means not the goal this whole time.

The means = Money

The goal = Freedom

What is your goal? It is critical to your success that you actually spend some time thinking about the real goal behind why you want to be an entrepreneur. Maybe it isn’t freedom, maybe for you it is security, revenge or propagating your belief system. Regardless of what your goal is, whether it seems silly or not – the point is that it matters to you and resonates with your very being.

When I had my epiphany with George Foreman the feeling that rushed through my whole being assured me that this was the real thing. I know now without a doubt that I will live my life fighting for freedom both for myself & for others. Freedom of religion, freedom of location, freedom of finances, freedom from negativity and freedom to pursue one’s dreams – thankfully my entrepreneurial journey meshes with these goals perfectly.

I have found my WHY... now I want to know yours…

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