Becoming an Entrepreneur: Do You Have the Huevos?!

Yes I said Huevos! That is how serious I am about people becoming entrepreneurs! This ain’t no sissy entrepreneur blog, I mean business (literally and figuratively) and you should too! If you are serious about escaping the rat race and embracing the freedom of starting your own business then there is only one question to ask…

Do you have the huevos?!

Quick tips on becoming an entrepreneur (the huevos way):

  • Just do it. If you have a great idea, run with it, put yourself into action now and you’ll thank me (probably throw me a parade actually) a year from now. If you don’t have an idea yet that you think is business worthy it’s okay, READ like crazy and you’ll get 100 great entrepreneurship worthy ideas.
  • Blog it. If you start dictating your journey now at the beginning you’ll not only have more motivation to keep going but you’ll meet tons of amazing people along the way, especially if your voice is unique. So be the entrepreneur blog with the crazy chick (wait, that’s taken) or the blog on starting a small business while you pay off $80k in student loans and take care of two kids! Whatever makes you stand out from the crowd is golden, also having an ever growing audience tuning into what you write makes you really step up your game.
  • Kick fear to the curb. Yes, if you become an entrepreneur and quit your job you can lose your house and maybe not eat for a few weeks… that is WORST case scenario. Well good things houses are EASY to come by as of late and you need to drop a few anyways… So what’s the upshot? Oh well nothing really… except you could huevos your way into the business of your dreams where you make 10x what you made sitting at your stinky desk and you travel the world – but hey, why take a chance on THAT kind of life right??

Last but not least…

Becoming an Entrepreneur DEMANDS Huevos! So I’m drawing the line in the sand now… Do you have them or not?