5 Profitable Business Ideas that Rock

If you sold a product that was an extension of the most important part of your customers life do you think they’d buy it? Absolutely they would… if you could grasp a product or idea & package it that had to do directly with what matters most to people you’d make a fortune! Look at the companies that do just this: weight loss pills promise you thin pins, beauty creams promise you eternal youth, banks promise to grow your money (or used to). All these companies feed off the things that human kind obsesses over, things that are close to their heart. But what is the most important thing in most people’s lives that is often over-looked?

Even profitable business ideas can rock out
Even profitable business ideas can rock out

Themselves. That is right, just plain you is usually the most important thing in your life. Whether you hate it or love it we spend more time thinking about ourselves and being with ourselves than anybody else does and businesses that can get that, get rich. So here are 5 profitable business ideas in no particular order that really tap into to what matters most to your consumers, their own sweet self.

  1. Use the word “you” in your marketing. This seems simple but it is a psychological trigger that gets people listening. Instead of We provide this & that at Blank’s Grocery your U-centric ad would go At Blank’s Grocery You are our top priority.
  2. Talk about others. This differs from being U-centric only slightly, but this time I mean your competition, allies & affiliates. Talk about other people, put the spotlight off of yourself and on to others with no hope of reciprocation and that’s exactly what you’ll get… lots of reciprocity! People love free advertising, so when you point out a product or person who you truly appreciate they’ll love you for it & next time they can do you a favor they will.
  3. Open up your ears…. even if its boring. One of the best characteristics of entrepreneur*s I meet is that they are great listeners. And when you ask them where all that patience comes from the answer is surprising. Often great listeners are just great people people. They sit and let the other person talk the night away, when in reality their minds are wandering and they are focused on other stuff. But they have enough sense to keep track of the bullet points and nod occasionally. Often great salespeople never have to make a pitch since they are so good at listening the potential client sells themselves.
  4. What can you do for me? Its important to realizewe are dealing with a me-centric market and cater to that thinking pattern. Don’t be long about getting to the point in a sales pitch, an ad campaign or even a meeting. Find out their problem, analyze it & then tell them what you can do for them. Don’t tell them what they’ll “get out of” dealing with you but instead focus on this is what “we can do for you”. It changes the thought patterns so that you are subtly stroking their ego instead of telling them they are lackluster without your product/services.
  5. Passive Income Opportunities. Often you can build a business around the individual that is incredibly detailed and then set it to run by itself with little more effort on your part. This seems like it would fly in the face of focusing on the customer 100% but instead passive income opportunities offer a chance to be very customer-centric while not being around the clock involved. This can be done by writing a book, ebook or doing a video series where you talk directly to your market… or creating a continuity product like a membership site with the same benefits. Give your market what they want in a form that seems like you are focused right in on them personally and then give them the added bonus of a community forum where they can talk about themselves more and presto… you’ve got yourself a kick butt passive income opportunity & you only have to do the hard work once.

In our age of information & so much knowledge right at hand it isn’t hard to find profitable business ideas that will work, all you must do is have the drive and determination to work on them. Remember to focus on others and you’ll reap huge rewards… this works great in business and even in your personal life.

Bye for now, and remember YOU rock!