Top 5 Best Blog Marketing Techniques (that really work!)

For this post I am going to unveil what I do on a daily basis to market my blog & grow my subscribers and readership each month. This costs nothing to do and if you enjoy your blogging should be fun and profitable! I compiled this marketing guide for my blog after reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It and doing a lot of case studies on some of the most powerful and influential blogs in the world.

To get started you need to set up these preliminary accounts

  • Sign up for (ping is a service which allows you to link ALL of your social media accounts to one platform where you can send out messages and pictures from… this is a MASSIVE time saver)
  • Sign up for (if you do videos at all use Tubemogul instead of Youtube because you can submit your videos to many video services at once instead of just one)
  • Sign up for social bookmarking sites like: delicious, reddit, mixx, stumble upon & sphinn (these you will use while you read other people’s blogs, then once you have bookmarked a few good sites you can bookmark your own stuff as long as you don’t get too spammy)

What to do after every post/video

  • Post blogs via to go out to all social media platforms
  • Post videos via to go out to all video platforms
  1. Go to and start searching the terms you used in your blog/video (i.e. tags you included or the general theme) like: small business owners, outsourcing or marketing

2. Follow people who are tweeting about these things and make a few @replies to them.

3. Go to start typing in terms like the ones you used above. For
every blog where you find a mention of these keywords you are going to leave a
comment with your name and URL which will link back to your homepage
(comment on about 5 blogs per time).

4. Search the broadest terms of what your blog is about on Facebook like ‘small
business’ or ‘entrepreneur’, click the “all results” tab and then click on “pages”.
There are hundreds of fan pages, join as many active ones as possible but make
sure to keep track of them all. When you are done hit the tab “groups” and do the
same thing.

5. Go to social bookmarking sites you belong to and share your best posts, as you go
through other people’s content be sure to do the same so you don’t appear

Yep, that’s it. Simple, fun and to the point. Do this every time you put out content for a month, at the beginning and end of the experiment check your Alexa ranking. You’ll be surprised, I sure was!