My Ultimate Sales Method: Painting a Picture

First off, thanks for everyone who commented & responded to my questions for escapee’s of the 9 to 5 yesterday! You all gave a really great response and I am planning on pouring over the responses and starting the ball rolling to put together a mastermind community for those who truly want to succeed and become extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Now to the post… So recently I have gotten a few really big contracts in a short period of time. Contracts to do social media marketing for businesses as well as some website design contracts for brands. I don’t code myself, but I have amazingly awesome virtual assistants who make up the ‘core’ of my company Oracle Launch.

So though the big contracts are amazing and a blessing they also have had me scrambling to make sure our little rag tag bootstrapped company is up to par to compete with the big boys, and so far, so good. Today I want to share with you how I have been getting bigger and bigger contracts. I think the approach I take can be used when you are selling just about anything. So whether you pitch panties or personal branding take a gander at this video & hopefully it will help you cash in on your escape of the 9 to 5.

So here is the breakdown of my ‘painting by numbers’ process:

  1. Do preliminary research on who you are trying to ‘sell’ (what drives them, where is their urgent need and what will make them say “oh yes, yes I need that”)
  2. Paint a picture of what their lives will look like after they use X (be it your services or product) i.e. “Using Maren Kate’s specialized Formula X shampoo will make your hair sparkle and bring all the boys calling” or “Your company can expect increased revenue, website visits and repeat customers when you trust your online branding needs to Oracle Launch”.
  3. Super tip for freelancers of any kind. Use Bidsketch it is this AWESOME proposal software I found and can be manipulated for almost any ‘service’ orientated business.
  4. Deliver on the picture you’ve painted or find someone who can. It isn’t awful to over promise, it just means you have to figure out a way to do what you’ve said. I always bite off a little more than I can chew and each time I’ve barely made it but *phew* I’ve learned and grown.

Hope you enjoyed, sorry about my nerdy videos! Please don’t make fun of my weirdness in the comments or I’ll pout for days.