“I Can’t Afford It” is a Crock | How to Find Buyers that BUY!

Crock of what… I’ll leave it to your imagination doll.

So… have you ever had a client or potential buyer say ” I can’t afford your (services/ebook/product)”

Of course you have, everyone has if you are in business. Even better is the classic trying-to-negotiate you down, like “well why not do it for half off” or “how about I pay you X now and X later”. Take it from me start ups and new entrepreneurs DON’T DO IT. If you start allowing people to bump down the price of what you are offering you’ll enter a losing game. The only people that excel at ‘price cutting’ and still make a profit are giants like Walmart.

(that little gem is brought to you by peopleofwalmart.com one of my favs 🙂

So what is the average entrepreneur to do when their key market starts saying “I can’t afford it”…

either you are being ridiculously pricey (which is rarely the case) or you need to say “see ya later” and find a new (wealthier) market.

Note: by ‘wealthier’ I mean if you sell $37 ebooks & your target market is 15 year old boys you may want to move on up to the working demographic of 18 year old boy-men. No matter what you sell, there is always those who can afford it, can’t afford it and those who will bitch regardless. Let me give you an example from my own personal hell…

I build websites at www.OracleLaunch.com that and create social media marketing campaigns for companies, the business is new, less than 6 months but we’ve had some great clients like www.bikiniwaxing.com and others who rock. I have an amazing team of designers and such who do all the coding etc and I am the ‘sales team’ thus I get to deal with all the potential customers. For every meeting I have that is good I have two where the client wants a deal or for me to do it for free. What is funny is I’ve noticed this trend when I’ve sold eBooks, on eBay & in many other venues.

So can they really not afford it? Hell no!!

Or… Hell yes (they can afford it). When I sell a $37 ebook & someone says they can’t afford it I want to ask “did you get a latte today?” or “do you EVER buy anything except rice and beans?”. 10 times out of 10 the person means “I don’t want to afford it” or “I am stuck in such a negative cycle even $37 seems like a mountain”.

So from now on when someone says “I can’t afford it” don’t argue with them, don’t hassle them just say ‘ok’ and leave it at that. If you are freelancing or selling your service and someone even hints that they can’t afford you run to the hills (rocking Iron Maiden song by the way). Instead only woo the people who can afford it, or better who choose to afford it.

If your potential customer is serious about whatever your niche is they will buy.

They will scrape and scrimp until they can… and they will get incredible value from whatever you produce. When I first started out online I signed up for Sterling & Jay’s Internet Business Mastery program this course wasn’t cheap but was one of the single best investments I’ve ever made since it truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of internet business. I could have easily said “I can’t afford it” because I was right out of college & in the middle of a new business start up off line but because I’d developed a relationship with them via their podcast on iTunes I was eager at the chance to learn more.

So what is the secret sauce to finding customers who can afford it?

  1. Build a relationship with them first (i.e. blog, podcast, youtube video series, consulting)
  2. Create a product or offer a service that has incredible value to them & helps an urgent pain (i.e. a bad web presence, not making enough money, getting skinny, fixing a relationship)
  3. Craft an offer they can’t refuse.

There is of course much more that goes into it, but each small business is different and you’ll have to find out your special ingredients to successful salesmanship on your own. Read books by expert salesmen (i.e. Zig Ziglar or Dan Kennedy) and take a great salesperson you know to lunch to pick their brain.

P.S. You can apply this to yourself as well and tell yourself “I’ll never say ‘I can’t afford it’ again” instead from now on ask How can I afford it? instead. This changes a negative thought into a positive one and sharply redirects your thinking into money making endeavors.