How to Create a “Come Hither” Marketing Plan

So I was pitter pattering around my condo trying to force myself to get my marketing plan done for Oracle Launch when it hit me – what do I love to do? Blog! What do I hate to do? Work. But if I mask work with blogging it becomes something much more palpable!

Anyways that was my genius idea for the day… so now you too get to learn how to  create a “come hither” marketing plan!

The Come Hither Marketing Plan…

Have you ever been sitting at a bar, or coffee shop if libations aren’t your thing, when across the room you notice a lady or gent giving you the look. It’s called the come hither and it is usually far more effective than if they just walked up to you and said “hey, buy me a drink”.

There is a certain art to the come hither, you don’t want to look desperate but you also don’t want to seem too aloof, you must be coy but enticing… this is a key to winning in the dating game yet the subtle nuances of the come hither work amazingly well in marketing too!

Just as you wouldn’t go across the bar and say “you, buy me a jack & coke” you also shouldn’t march into someone’s business and say “you, buy product X that I’m selling”. This is what made the guy who created the “no solicitors” sign a very rich man.

1. Defining Your Target Customer

If you shoot an arrow into the air it will hit something – but most probably nothing of consequence. This is the same as marketing a business (or even having a business) where your target customer isn’t defined down to the shoes they wear (well maybe not that far). The point if you DEFINE your target customer/market you will do 95% better than your competition. Here is a cheat sheet:

  1. Does your target market have a specific location?
  2. Does your target market have a specific job and or hobby?
  3. Does your target market have a certain yearly income?
  4. Does your target customer have a desperate need?
  5. How does your target market like to be communicated with a certain way?
  6. Do they prefer to pay online, via check, via credit/debit or automatic billing?
  7. What is your target market’s vanity? If they think they are experts in X you want to tell them “you’re great at X, so let me help you with Y because of 1,2 & 3” this both pats their egos & promotes the values of your product.

2. Networking

Do people know you? If not how can they want the lovely X you are selling? If they don’t about what you do yet you must network like crazy, but not network crazily. Example: casually commenting on someone’s book in a Starbucks that leads to you two striking up a conversation is good… approaching every person at a networking event with “My name is Maren, here’s my card, I do social media stuff” is bad. Treat networking like you treat relationship building because that is exactly what it is.

My suggestion is either join a few groups in your area that are specific to your interests or join few groups in your area that are specific to the interests of your niche (i.e. if your market is lawyers but you like beer pong – go to the lawyer meet ups because frat parties won’t help stimulate your business).

If you want to learn more about networking awesomely I suggest you check out my friend’s eBook by that exact name here… it is jam packed with 200+  pages of some of the best networking advice I’ve ever read.

Super E Tip: If you are truly motivated start your own networking group. I am in the midst of doing that right now to truly speed up the process of me meeting lots of quality connections and gaining their trust uber fast – people love party planners so if you throw a killer shindig for others in your niche you’ll not only be well loved but you’ll be the go to guy next time they need your services.

3. Strategic Partnerships

My main business is Oracle Launch a company that does social media marketing campaigns, builds websites and helps people find virtual assistants. But more than anything we do social media and online marketing, so I focus on that when it comes to strategic partnerships.

Here is how I do it: so lets say I have three great products to pitch to small & medium sized businesses that all have to do with online, social marketing. I could do it all myself or I could think “hmmmm… who else is in contact with my target customer all the time” (light bulb moment) “Marketing, PR & Website design companies!”.

Now it is my turn to create a written manifest of what Oracle Launch does and why these firms should white label my services and sell them to their own clients. Well 1) it doesn’t cost them anything 2) it’s high quality – I will prove this by offering them to try my services free for a month within their own company 3) it’s another stream of income.

So I call up these firms, set up meetings or email them with more info and hope that some take me up on the strategic partnership… those that do I will do an amazing job for and use them as ‘examples’ for the next batch and so on and so forth.

So if you make brownies go to super markets and ask them if they’d carry your yummy goodies. If you teach a defense course go to the local gyms and offer to do your thing there twice a month, etc. etc. You get the point!

Super E Tip: Try offering your products or services to be white labeled only to a select few within a certain demographic, then pit them against each other. So I’d say “Yeah we are doing white labeling of our SM services to only 3 marketing firms in LA…” casually and this lets them know that if they don’t take me up on it then someone else down the line will, possibly their competition.

4. Viral Video Campaign

Videos often seem like the last frontier in marketing that hasn’t been over saturated, but in our continually changing world we know there will always be another. That being said viral videos are a great way to make your mark and climb up the search results in competitive fields – I am going to come out with a series of videos aimed towards my target marketing business owners who are interested in marketing online. The trick is to give them value, but not the whole enchilada – then at the end say “learn more about me and my X service/product at”. Ta da!

Super E Tip: Spend the time to get good at VSEO, video search engine optimization, it is WAY simpler than traditional SEO and knowing the basics of how to promote a video on Youtube is time well spent.

5. Your Blog Platform & Freebies

Your blog is your platform for business and personal branding, if you don’t have one right this second it is critical that you go out and set up something. I have gotten more gigs and formed more amazing partnerships through this blog than through all the sales call, networking events and outside connections I’ve made put together.

It’s amazing, someday soon I think the personal blog will replace the resume as the #1 means of showcasing your abilities. So get a blog, build it up around your ‘personal brand’ and let your voice be heard!

Freebies are another great way of marketing without marketing. Set up a course on wherever your expertise lies, then offer it to your TM at no cost. Give them a lot of great info but not EVERYTHING, leave enough off that they are desperate for more.

You can end your presentation with “if you’d like to learn more, contact me on X” or you could just not say anything if you’re ballsy. This leaves room for only your most raving fans to come approach you on helping them further – meaning that they really want your product and will be loyal ‘sneezer’ fans to the end.

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