How to Build a Social Media Resume

Hey everyone, so today I want to teach you how to build a social media resume, it is a pretty basic concept but has benefited me a lot when applying for consulting gigs or finding clients and may help you too! A social media resume is super simple, if you have the good sense God gave a gopher you’ll be able to figure out how to make one just from looking at mine which is below.

Quick tips:

  • Use for the images/logos of each social media network you are involved in
  • Use a nice, professional looking photo of yourself
  • Include some recent work you’ve done if you are a freelancer of any type

<<<Maren Kate’s Social Media Resume>>>

Short Bio: Maren Kate is founder and creative director behind Oracle Launch, a web 2.o design and new media marketing firm. She started her entrepreneurial career in her teen years and has been bootstrapping businesses ever since. Maren is deeply involved in the social media way of life and involves herself in online communities daily to keep on the cutting edge and help educate her clients on how the social web can best help their brand.


Company site:

Email: marenkate[at]oraclelaunch[dot]com






Skype: marenkatedonovan




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