How To Become a Sales Whiz in 3 Easy Steps

This is a easy to understand guide that can take someone with no sales experience & turn them into a sales wizard. (p.s. I got all my knowledge on this process from the amazing book The E-Myth.. I boiled down & added to his views on how to become an amazing sales person, check it out for more great entrepreneurial tips)

1. The Consultation Presentation
2. The Urgent Need Analysis Presentation
3. Solution Presentation

The Consultation Presentation: This may sound misleading, like during the initial presentation the salesperson immediately jumps into consulting, but instead this first presentation has one goal and one goal alone. The purpose of the consultation presentation is only to set an appointment for a consultation. This moves the potential client from no commitment to the next step in the process the actual consultation and is vitally important in our sales model. The wording below is very specific, well researched and fit together to tickle the potential client’s subconscious mind by addressing the benefits of the what you’re selling rather than the actual commodity.

You: Hi Miss Blank. I’m Maren Kate with Oracle Launch. Have you seen the remarkable new things being done in marketing these days to promote a brand’s image online & develop a powerful, viral presence?

Client: What new things?

You: That is exactly why I called, may I have a moment of your time & I’ll explain?

The Urgent Need Analysis: In this second presentation you will start off by repeating what you said in the consultation presentation to re-establish the emotional commitment factor.

You: Remember Miss Blank when we first talked I mentioned the remarkable new things going on lately to market & promote brands online?

Next you proceed to tell the potential client how you would like to fully answer the information promised to her.

What I’d like to do is to tell you about those new things that are happening and I’d also like to show you the incredibility effective ways my firm, Oracle Launch, has developed to help you control your brand’s image online & grow it in a very viral way. Sound good?

Lastly establish your credibility in the potential client’s mind by explaining two things. First your company’s expertise “We are new media marketing specialists” and second get across your personal desire to do everything in your power to utilize that expertise on the potential clients behalf:

We created our company to help people like you who are constantly frustrated by confusing nature of integrating your business into the web 2.0 world. Frustrated by paying outrageous web designers, who don’t deliver or make it impossible to make changes later. Frustrated by the complexity of the constantly changing nature of social media and online trends. Have you ever been frustrated by any of these Miss Blank?

…Of course… See that is exactly why we customize social media & online optimization packages for our clients to specifically fit their needs and grow their brand’s online presence in the most effective manner. We take all the pain out of your online experience and instead just deliver results and functionality. Would you like me to explain how we would do that for a business such as yours?

Next you explain what O.L. New Media Agency system to launch a brand online, do social media campaigns and optimize every aspect of a client’s online experience and why it works so well. Note don’t tell them “what” it does so to speak but instead “what” impact it will have on the potential client.

Now you go through a social media, online optimization questionnaire to assess the potential client’s exact needs. Then you summarize why what you have already gone into depth about will be so beneficial. Lastly you set an appointment with the client where you can present them with a detailed proposal at no cost to them and reminding them that you will take whatever time necessary to help the prospective client understand the solutions whether they decide to implement them or not.

The Solution Presentation: This is the easiest in the three presentations because if you have done your job correctly up to this point the sale is already made. Most salespeople see selling only in the “closing” but in reality selling is more in the opening. That is what the Urgent Need analysis does, it opens the potential client to understand both her frustration and see the opportunities available to alleviate that pain by going through the questionnaire with you. Then in great detail you go over the proposal(s) which we will call report(s) drawn up for them. You make absolutely sure that the potential client fully understands what is being presented and that they feel as if this is “their” report not just Oracle Launch’s proposal.

Of all the options we’ve suggested here Miss Blank, which do you feel will serve you best right now?

Again most of this was condensed from the book The E Myth so if you want to learn more about this and read the words of a true expert in this field check out Michael Gerber’s masterpiece