Art of the Elevator Pitch

The idea of the elevator pitch is almost antiquated by today’s standards… I mean who rides elevators anymore! But even if your a blogger, online businessperson or just have vertigo its good to know what you ‘elevator pitch’ would be if you had to give one.

Think of the elevator pitch in modern terms… what is your 140 characters or less Twitter pitch? Ahh… now you can relate! Here are some simple steps to figure out your elevator pitch and maximize its potential.

  1. What do you DO? This is a common theme in the elevator pitch… people want to know what you do first and foremost. If you say “I sell vacuums” they begin to tune out. But if you say “I founded a company that produces the most powerful, aerodynamic vacuums in the world” someone may just listen. So figure out what it is you do… then jazz it up. Make “I own a cupcake bakery” into “I am the mistress of all that is cupcakery”. Sounds silly but it works. I tell people “well, I’ll get you more viral than a cold in a room full of 3rd graders”… this always begs the quetion “what?!” which is a good start. I just got the permission to go on to elevator pitch part two.
  2. Who’s your target market? If you did 1 correctly then you’ll be able to tell the person you’ve trapped in the elevator more… like who it is you are hoping will buy your widgets/service. Hopefully the person within the elevator will be one of three things: A) potential customer B) know someone in your target market C) be an investor with deep pockets who falls deeply in love with your product or you either works! and give you lots of start up capital.
  3. Why should they care. Finally in summing up ask a question, continue on the dialogue even as they are desperately pressing the ‘ground floor’ button and tapping their foot on the floor.

Example: Well Mr. X is was great chatting, have a good (morning, evening, day) and if you ever need help getting your dirty floors clean (or ‘in all matters pertaining to cupcakes’) please feel free to call me at insert your business card to their (hopefully open) hand.

Alright there is a short post on how to make a short pitch. Remember, make it short, make it sweet & make it memorable.