Escape the San Francisco “Summer” and Roam the World!

SF FogIf you can see me over that mountain of scarves you piled on to fight off San Francisco’s infamous summer chill, raise your hand… and if you can lift your arm with those three sweaters on, even better.

Listen… I know that summer in SF can be “cool” and not just because the thermostat is reading in the low-60s Fahrenheit. There’s Dolores Park to lay out in when the sun actually decides to shine; music festivals that carry on no matter the weather; and occasional days when Karl the Fog is on vacation and we actually remember why we love living in Northern California.

For the most part though (or at least IMHO), it’s pretty miserable to spend your whole summer in SF. Luckily, or unluckily (?), for me at the start of the summer I went through a breakup that was just the “get the hell out of dodge” kick in the pants I needed.

I decided to offload the majority of my belongings and spend the rest of the year exploring and working my way around the world, I’ve been looking for places to live and connect with other people who share my same passion for doing good work without all the tethers that used to keep me in SF.

It didn’t take long for me to start hearing about Roam, and since I stepped foot into their Miami house, I can see what the buzz is about…

No more grey days; no more freezing my buns off as I walk to Starbucks. Instead, I’m writing this from a lush courtyard enjoying 85 degree weather and getting a tan. On my breaks I get to explore the Little Havana neighborhood, eat local cuisine and dip my toes in the bathtub warm Miami Bay. Next up I’m off to their house in Ubud, Bali, and then Madrid—it’ll be a warm summer for me after all!

Roam works for me because they not only have houses in locations with real summer weather, but everyone here is committed to working hard while enjoying the flexibility of no contracts + no mortgage. Coworking and co-living blend seamlessly, and the people who I’ve met in Miami have been welcoming, inspiring, and a refreshing change of pace from the rat race that can sometimes pervade the air in bigger cities.

Please don’t get me wrong: San Francisco is a wonderful city – there are so many opportunities and amazing people to collaborate with – and I miss it… more than I admit sometimes. But there are also some serious downsides. Expensive housing, high stress, and not-so-summery weather are just some of what made me start looking for a change of scenery.

If you find yourself developing a pair of Roaming eyes (punny!), think about dropping them a line and joining me. Next stop is Bali in July, then Madrid!

Disclaimer: Note, I’m currently staying and working in the Roam Miami house in partnership with the Roam team. All opinions are my own. San Franciscan’s that love your 65 degree summers, don’t send me hate mail.