Startup Focus Hack: Creating Guidepost Values


Starting a business is hard. Even if you’ve done it a few times. It takes a crazy amount of excitement and real vision to simply commit to making the leap, then after the high of “shiny and new” wears off, determination and continuous action must kick in to keep you going.

We’re now 11-months into AVRA Talent Partners. There have been three name changes, several rounds of figuring out our true product/market fit, and now we’re in the process of patching systems and refining our people product to deliver stellar results for our clients, every time.

Guidepost values

One hack I’ve realized that makes all of this a LOT easier, is creating a set of values, and words associated with those, that you use over and over. They’ll most likely transform, adapt and mature over time—but having 3-5 core values early on can act as guideposts along the blizzarding, mountain-climb that is getting to a viable and healthy company.

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What Darwin Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

In the startup world (particularly in Silicon Valley) there is a lot of talk about “pivoting”. This concept has it’s roots in the idea that you may start out with a crap-tastic idea, but with enough product changes and persistence you will eventually hit upon something that rocks.

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