6 Things You Don’t Want in a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant
I’ve had a virtual assistant, often several, for the past 7 years. I fell in love the concept of delegation the moment I heard it quantified on the IBMA podcast, and then gobbled up every piece of content I could get my hands on—the best being Tim Ferriss’ now legendary The Four Hour Workweek.

That passion for delegation and working virtually led me to start Zirtual.com 5 years ago. Today, though I’m no longer involved with the company, I still am an avid virtual assistant user and crazy-delegator.

I was thinking this morning as I completed my morning ritual that everyone talks about what you *should* look for in a new hire, but just as important is what you *don’t* want.

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How to Leverage the Bleep Out of Your Day

This is a video post because I am lazy and can’t muster the energy to write a real post 🙂 I’m sorry people, I’ve had a very long month and after a few days of re-coup should be back to my normal zany self! But hopefully the video will give you some great pointers on how to leverage your time so even when your wiped out (like I currently am) the work still goes on!

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