Do What You Love, Mercilessly Delegate Everything Else

delegateWhen I walked into the press n’ fold across the street from my S.F. abode I knew I had made the right decision, in my hand was a garbage bag full of my hamper contents and in my mind was the ideal of never again having to do the chore I detest most again: dreaded laundry.

$11 and two hours of saved time later I knew I had made the right choice – the dirty task of laundry was no longer my concern and instead I walked to a coffee shop to spend my newly freed afternoon reading and writing this very post.

What is your time worth?

I have reached a new level of self-awareness (I think) fueled by my epic laziness and my desire to walk the “Zirtual” talk in every aspect of my life. This awareness has opened my eyes to the priceless commodity that is my time. Actually everyone’s time is priceless because it’s the world’s most precious unsustainable resource.

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Do Your Best and Delegate the Rest

I’ve been in Texas for the last week and have another week to go in the Lone Star State. In between partying at South by Southwest, hanging out with my various and multi-cultural cousins and sneaking in “work breaks” at Starbucks far and wide – I’ve been doing a lot of driving and a lot of thinking.

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