Steal Your Way to Success

Disclaimer: For all you hoodlums this is not a blog post on how to boost your neighbor’s flat screen, or 7 ways to jimmy a lock. So if you are here for that beat it nerds.

I’ve been reading a lot of Dan Kennedy lately it’s both inspiring and a little overwhelming because with each book I read I realize how little I know about business. Back to the point, Dan Kennedy talks at length about stealing your way to success and when you get over the title it’s a set of ideas that will not only save you time, money and effort but can increase your profits hundreds of times over.

So what is stealing your way to success?

Well it ain’t typical ‘theft’ that’s for sure, instead it stands for the concept of borrowing ideas from others in  your field or industry, making them better and then using them for your own gain. An example: say your start up is selling an all inclusive social media platform, it will make you HUGE on Facebook, Twitter,  Youtube and more. You’ve heard that TweetAdder is the leader in the twitter adding software realm. So you decide to “Steal” their idea and use it for your own purposes i.e. you are adapting a hugely successful idea and making it your own. So what you do is you dissect their platform (a program that follows and unfollows people to grow a large twitter following based on specific interests) and see what the pros and cons to it are.

Then you expand their idea to your purposes – integrating Youtube, Facebook and others – to finally come out with a product that was based around Tweetadder’s successful model. It’s just branded differently, packaged differently and if your lucky works far better. Because if that is the case you just won over your market – seeing the success Tweetadder has had you can be at least relatively sure that when you offer something similar just WAY better people will flock to you as well.

Get ready, Get set, Steal!!

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How 1000 True Fans Will Make You 1000% More Profitable

So beforehand I will apologize for any typos or silly sentences in this post – My excuse is that all week I have been moving  all week, something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. After I write this (from the comfort of my local Starbucks) I will take on the monotonous task of finding a comfortable ‘desk chair’ and then my office will be complete. Warning for the future: when my office is complete I am going to kick some serious butt.

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How to Start a Small Business: The Bad A Way

Firstly I say the “bad A way” because I just found out my Grandma reads this blog (hi Grandma!) – she is one of people who has pushed me the most to follow the path of extraordinary entrepreneurship – so I owe her a great debt of gratitude & respect.

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The Beauty of Perceived Value

Think over what you’ve bought in the last month. What was actually ‘worth’ what you paid and what was ridiculously marked up… some things may jump out at you like that Louis Vuitton purse or an iPod Touch, but somewhere deep down you think defensively ‘well it is really well made or has extreme technological advances’.

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Entrepreneur Advice: Bite Off More Than You can Chew

I think the single biggest reasons for most of my break throughs as an entrepreneur has been from biting off more than I could chew. Every time I take on a new client, start a new job or begin a new project I go a little bit above what I think I can produce… then if they accept I am forced to make good. That is how you grow.

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