Internet Business Advice That’ll Rock Your World | Interview with Clay Collins

This is an amazing interview with Clay Collins – a true internet entrepreneur super star. I was blown away by how many tips and tricks of the trade Clay shared, no matter what level you’re at you NEED to here this awesome interview, it may just change the way you you do business online forever!

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Clay Collins is the creator of The Interactive Offer and the owner of Business Ideas. Clay is known for repeatedly helping entrepreneurs ENSURE the massive success of their products . . . before they spend a dime on product creation or promotion. Clay grew up with his grandparents on a citrus farm in rural southern California and now lives in Minnesota where he spends much of his time backpacking, bouldering, and trying to suck less at rock climbing.

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Interview with Internet Entrepreneur Neil Patel

Today I give you an awesome interview with famous internet entrepreneur Neil Patel. A true inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere, Neil  Patel sums it up perfectly on his blog Quick Sprout‘s tag line “I’m kind of a big deal”. Indeed Neil is kind of a big deal, from starting the profitable internet marketing company Continue Reading

Being an Entrepreneurial Rock Star in the New Economy

Are you ready to rock? If not go back to your business as usual lives and mundane 9 to 5 jobs – but if you’re making rock fingers and saying “H-E double hockey sticks yeah!!” then join the entrepreneur’s revolution and let’s get started!

So I don’t know if you’ve heard but we’re finally fighting our way out of this recession many thought would end an entire culture… but we’re still far from out of the woods.

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This Blog will make me Millions

You heard me… millions. How do I suppose I’ll do it? Well it won’t be through affiliates or creating info products, no there is a far greater (and more prosperous) way to monetize your blog – granted a little less tangible. That is the personal market share that I am creating every time I make a post, you have no idea how many offline clients I get through this blog alone.

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Cewebrity Interview w/ Glen of

Today I’m super excited to publish my interview with Glen of (also formerly of Glen is a certified “cewebrity” who has built up incredibly successful blogs and lives off a 5 figure monthly income as well as travels the world… also Glen is 20! Jealous much? Read on as he generously shares the secrets to his success.
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Interview with Penelope Trunk of The Brazen Careerist

I was super excited to get to interview Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist fame. We chat about her super popular blog, her views on finding work in a down economy and her thoughts on entrepreneurship as well as her own online success story. This is an amazing entrepreneur interview that every would be escapee of the 9 to 5 should listen to!


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Interview with Jason Van Orden of Internet Business Mastery!

This interview was supposed to be a live video interview but alas my computer didn’t pick up Jason’s voice barely at all so it sounds like he is whispering and I am screaming. Needless to say I doubt you want to listen to that, instead the interview was transcribed for your reading convenience 🙂 This is an interview with a leader in internet business, online entrepreneurship and podcasting.

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