8 Ways to Come of Age as an Entrepreneur

At the age of  25 and I feel like I’ve just started my coming of age as a person and as an entrepreneur. Many start up junkies and super successful E’s have sold there first business by 25 and made millions – but me, I was the girl that didn’t go on a single date until my freshman year of college – so it makes sense that I’m a late bloomer in other things as well.

The reason I started thinking about my late-bloomer-hood is because I spent the weekend in LA with clients (for www.OracleLaunch.com). I got to stay at the oh so nice Roosevelt hotel, meet Jay Leno and party with some neat people from the entertainment industry at Drais in Hollywood.

It was fun, the last day I was there I lay floating in the pool staring up at the palm trees. I kept thinking back to my youth as a nerdy, shy, socially akward girl of 18 and thinking how far I have come. It’s taken too long (in my mind) for me to finally feel confident in my own skin and be at the place where I can pursue my dreams without fear.

I wrote this post as a letter to my younger self,  a short guide to getting to where I am today and hopefully if you are struggling at all in your entrepreneurial journey it’ll help reboot your confidence and put you on the fast lane to success and eventual freedom.

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Interview With Shane Mac of Gist.com on Start Ups & Networking

This is an interview with Shane Mac of Gist.com it’s helpful for people who are in the middle of starting up a business (as Shane gives great start up tips) and also for those who want to learn how to better use their social network to get ahead. Short, sweet and to the point 🙂 this interview will motivate you to start networking better and to energize your business venture!

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Less is Truly More an Entrepreneur Success Story With Everett Bogue

Often during my dog days of entrepreneurship  I would wake up, eat breakfast and then try to attack the massive piles of work on my desk, usually to no avail. It took about 6 months for me to realize that a messy office = a messy business. After reading Getting Things Done by David Allen I tosseda lot of stuff out and started focusing only on what was most important. This was a turning point for me and first peaked my interest at the idea of minimalism.

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A Real Life Entrepreneurial Success Story with Anthony Adams

This is a written interview with Anthony Adams of www.drinkTHC.com. Anthony has a truly interesting entrepreneurial story that I thought you’d all enjoy, his views on escaping the 9 to 5 by becoming an entrepreneur are really extraordinary.

So Anthony, for those in the audience who don’t know you please let me know who you are and what you’ve done to escape the 9 to 5 for good?

Hi Maren, thanks for having me.

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A Remarkable Interview With Michael Martine of Remarkablogger

This is an interview I did with Michael Martine the blogger behind Remarkablogger.com, Michael has been online and blogging longer than almost anyone I know and he is crushing it in his niche! Listen to this and learn how to become a remarka-blogger yourself.

To listen to the interview.

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