How to Brand Your Business Card | Creating an Extraordinary Business Card

How many business cards have you received or given in your lifetime? Okay… now think of how many you’ve kept or better can even remember? Probably the business cards you can remember in detail you could count on one hand. These rare unique business cards usually don’t keep to the typical ‘business cardy’ model.

Maybe they are like where your business info and contact numbers are engraved in a piece of beef jerky. Have you ever gotten one of those? I doubt it. If you did I guarantee you that you’d tell all your friends and never forget it.

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Outsourcing 101 | Profitable Business Ideas that Work!!

Want to know the single best way I save tons on overhead, employee a team 2-3 sizes bigger than I could normally and do it all from the comfort of my macbook? One simple word: Outsourcing.

If you want a profitable business idea that not only works but kicks butts and takes name outsourcing is it. It is something that many look down on but done correctly outsourcing part or all of your employee force to other people and countries can be a business life saver.

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