I Refuse

**This post was originally written just for my mailing list, but I had such an overwhelming positive response to it I decided I needed to share it with the “world” at large through a blog post. If this seems like it is speaking straight at you or you have additional words of wisdom to add please do so at the end.

I had a particularly frustrating last few days and the nagging harpy of self doubt was starting to whisper into my ear. So I decided that instead of entertaining those fears, those doubts and those nagging questions about my own capabilities as a person I’d just refuse…

And it worked AMAZINGLY!

So I quickly scribbled down every way I could refuse that would help me grow a person, embrace my dreams and banish the self doubt that tries to derail all extraordinary plans. I wanted to share them with you in hopes that they’ll encourage you to also shoot down your doubt and negative self talk and instead only pay attention to the positive goals and actions that will get you where you want to be.


1. I refuse to listen to my doubts, my fears and any negative self talk that goes on in my head.
2. I refuse to worry about the future and instead I will only focus on actively influencing my present.
3. I refuse to not give myself the fighting chance I deserve to do anything and everything I want to in life.
4. I refuse to accept failure as a permanent state and instead only choose to see it as a learning experience.
5. I refuse to entertain thoughts that don’t directly benefit myself, others or the greater good of the world at large.
6. I refuse to accept anything less than my wildest dreams coming true.
7. I refuse to acknowledge the limitations that most people think they have, no matter what the circumstances.

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10 Maxims for Business Revolutionaries

For the last two weeks I’ve hit that time in my life where one suffers from entrepreneur’s ennui. Maybe it was the fact that I turned the big 2-5, maybe it was because I was nearing my 150th post or possibly it had to do with feeling like I was working so hard at my business and I wasn’t seeing the earth shattering results I wanted to.

So I took a few days completely off.

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Being Outrageous is the New Safe

As a child we were all asked by adults seeking some common ground in which to bond with us the cliched question “whatdaya wanna do when you grow up?”. Many of us answered honestly – we really let fly what we wanted to do. If we thought being Indiana Jones would rock, we’d say so. If we wanted to be a nurse, a mommy, a firefighter or a cowboy, all we had to do was utter the words and coos of adulation would come in drones.

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13 Audiobooks for Entrepreneurs You Shouldn’t Drive Without!

I drive all the time and instead of rocking out to MmmBop (am I dating myself?) or whatever is popular with the kiddies, I try to enlarge my gray matter (squishy brain area) by listening to audio books. Some of you might benefit greatly from doing the same as I believed I have consumed an entire MBA’s worth of knowledge in the last year from this method alone.

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Entrepreneur Blogs: 17 Radical Reads for Entrepreneurs

Ever feel yourself thirsting for a little knowledge, want a head start or a push in the right direction? Well here are 21 entrepreneur blogs that will get you all fired up to get up and get out there! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, heck you may even stumble upon your million dollar baby reading through these time tested jewels!

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How to Win Friends & Amaze People

How’s your business? How’s your year going? How are your relationships or dare I say it, love life? Do you think there is an intrinsic connection between all of these areas of one’s being? Is it money – noooo. Is it good looks – noooo. So then what is it?! It’s simply called networking, that over used word that encompasses¬† all of human interaction.

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Playing it Safe will Destroy Your Life

I’m so sick of boring-ness, I’m sick of boring blog posts, boring advertisements, boring conversation and boring people. I loathe myself every time I think I’ve put out a ‘boring’ post on this site… I lie awake thinking “ugh, you just drained someone of a few minutes of their life reading your boring crap” but I digress.

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