The Three E’s of Entrepreneurship

Okay all you entrepreneurs and would-be’s. Here are the 3 E’s of entrepreneurship which should give you as good of an idea about how to become an entrepreneur as any MBA program I’ve heard of (no seriously!). If you can master these three E’s you can have the world when it comes to working for yourself & having life on your terms.

Extreme: As entrepreneurs in a world where there are millions of brands and billions of products you can’t chance being ordinary or even good anymore. You must take a strong stand either one way or the other. If you are making a line of clothing make them either incredibly affordable (H&M) or ridiculously expensive (St. Johns). If you are going to bake cakes make those cakes stand out like a sore thumb. Don’t go halfway, don’t even go the whole way… go all the way, around the corner and down the bend. Make your product or service so remarkable, so incredible that people are forced to either love you or hate you. Either way you’ll get lots of free word of mouth marketing!

Extraordinary. Choose which part of your business is going to encapsulate this E and stick with it. It would be ideal if ALL aspects of your business are extraordinary but when you are first starting out focus on one and make it shine. Either customer service, the quality of the product, the friendliness of your staff, the quick response of your support team. Just choose something and stick with it, you want Joe Bloe to tell everyone “Wow X Corp may be small but they have the most amazingly friendly staff, felt like I was family”.

Everywhere. Yup, like a stalker…except without the restraining orders or peeping Tom tendencies. Pop up all over the place to your potential market. This means fundraisers, mixers, networking events offline & be seen on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, Foursquare and more online! Post lots of great content on your blog, try to guest post on other peoples blog while you get started. Make sure to comment on other good blogs that have to do with your niche as well. The idea is the more people see of you the more they will trust you and become interested in your brand. Be everywhere but don’t be sleazy or sales pitchy. Social media allows us to contact many people who we normally wouldn’t be able to, don’t have them block you because you spam too much (p.s. ANY spam is too much).

Hold these three E’s of entrepreneurship close to your heart and never part with them. They will serve you well and will help you carve out a strong and solid niche for your business or brand.

Best of Luck!

Maren Kate