The N. 1 Way to Build a Successful Business

I once went to school with a girl whose name was Younique, I always wondered if her parents were just intentionally cruel or actually thought that was an rapturous name (apologies in advance to all the youniques in the audience). That’s besides the point, but it’s a nice intro to this post. So do you want to know the number 1 way to build a successful business?


This may seem like old news but hold your horses, you aren’t hearing me. What you think is unique about your business is probably not – hate to break it to you loves. Here is how you can skip years of agony and boredom being stuck in the “middle” and instead sky rocket your success by becoming very, very niche & very, very unique.

There’s no I in Team but there’s a U in Unique

First lets go over some of the reason’s you want (no need) to be incredibly unique with your business or blog to succeed.

  1. You can charge WAY more and will never have to drop prices to gain a competitive edge. Example: when is the last time you saw Chanel or Tiffany’s have a 50% off sale?
  2. Your USP (unique selling point) will be what drives your business and can carry you even if some of the others things in your burgeoning biz kinda suck at the moment. Example: iPhone’s are ridiculously popular but AT&T (their service carrier) sucks, unfortunately the lure of the iPhone is a stronger urge than the potential suckihood of AT&T – thus apple wins with it’s “cool” USP.
  3. Even in an over-saturated niche you can stand out by having a powerful unique selling proposition…

So how do you build a unique business or blog? Well YOU have to do all the hard work up front… yeah that’s right. Don’t push this off to an intern, sales team or marketing firm – instead you figure out yourself what your USP is and why your business is solidly separated from the competition by a large chasm of uniqueness.

Finding your USP

When I started my company Oracle Launch I had no USP. I literally wanted to do anything and EVERYTHING that came my way. You know what happened? I lost every penny I made by trying to cover all bases and be everything to everyone.

So I started niching down. First I cut out building websites for companies. Next I cut out SEO services which I realized was laughable since I would just farm them out to India for EXACTLY what the client was paying me. Then I said “I only do social media marketing”…

Problem was EVERYONE does “Social media marketing”. If you Google that term you find 127 MILLION results. Where as only a few thousand people search for that exact term a month. So what did I do? I found my USP. Here are the steps I took:

  1. Who are my dream clients? They understand the importance of marketing, are flush with marketing mullah and are fun to be around.
  2. Who are my current best clients? One of the top reality shows on Cable, they are all fun and awesome to be around and working for them is actually enjoyable.
  3. What do I hate? Cheap people, people that will argue me down for a penny’s difference, people who don’t see the beauty of permission marketing.

Then I cogitated for days, mostly in the sun with a tall pina colada, but that part is optional. Finally I realized my niche – I’m going to focus on “social marketing” which is interactive at it’s core and focus on clients who are in the entertainment business because they know the importance of marketing and are desperate to develop a major fan base.

The Challenge

Now if you’ve found your USP and you read this and thought “aah, old news” that is cool – I’m glad for you. But if you are like me when I finally realized I didn’t have a USP and are thinking “Craptastic! I need this now!” please feel free to respond in the comment section with what you are doing and we’ll brainstorm how you could be more unique and thus much more profitable.