The Law of Action

Ever hear of the Law of Attraction? There was a hit book called ‘The Secret’ that came out a few years back that made the author filthy rich & left thousands of people all over the World spending their free time commanding the Universe to give them their rightful due.

I read the ‘Secret’ and it sounded good, so for a week I went to a coffee shop and spent 30 minutes focusing on how the Universe would bring me a feather from out of the sky. After 7 days nothing had happened, so I got up and went over to pigeon & plucked a feather – in return for a crumb of my scone (p.s. that didn’t happen) but the point rings true regardless!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the concepts behind Psycho-Cybernetics – the original book published in the 5o’s written about Universal Intelligence & the law of attraction. It talks about putting yourself in the right mental state to do whatever it is you choose. That idea is ESSENTIAL to starting a business that will change your life – BUT – without implementing the Law of Action after the law of attraction takes root, you’ll never get anywhere.

What’s the Law of Action

It’s plain and simple action! Where the butchered Law of Attraction (in books like The Secret) tells you to think about a million dollars for the next 5 years and eventually you’ll get it, the Law of Action tells you to every day make a conscious step towards a million dollars for the next 5 years and you’ll probably end up with 10.

Thinking is the foundation of action, but thinking in and of itself does you no good without action. You can be in a deli and think about eating for 40 days, but if you don’t get your butt off the stool & grab a sub you’ll die of starvation.

Simple action leads to a juggernaut of power that will help you reach your goals and manifest your desires.

1000 Simple Actions

Let’s take a look at 1000 simple actions I have done over the last year and see where they got me, versus if I had done nothing and instead spent a year thinking about what I wanted from life. Here is a sampling of the 1000 actions I’ve taken over the last year:

  • Read ‘Think and Grow Rich’
  • Spent $400 dollars on a trip to LA to get a social media client
  • Talked about my business at a restaurant to a fellow patron
  • Bought a script
  • Hired a virtual assistant
  • Sent out a tweet

Now I’ll break down what happened with each action.. some panned out, some didn’t but if I hadn’t of acted none of them would have happened.

Read ‘Think and Grow Rich’

I read this book 3 times actually, to truly soak up all it’s knowledge and then from time to time I listen to a few chapters of the audio version on my iPod. Reading this book led me to an epic change in mind set and pretty much un-did years of negative thinking and allowed me to realize that I truly could do whatever it is I set my mind to.

This epiphany allowed me to have the courage to start up my first ‘real’ business after selling on eBay for a few years in college, which led me to create an LLC,  which led me to thousands and thousands of dollars in profit over the last year from Oracle Launch (my social marketing & web design business) alone.

Spent $400 dollars on a trip to LA to get a social media client

I wrote a beautiful proposal last January and went out to ‘court’ a social marketing client I had met a few weeks earlier at a swanky restaurant in West Hollywood. I had two meetings with him and nothing panned out after that, I left bummed out and confused. I thought ‘I did everything right, he loved my proposal, why didn’t this work’ and then I learned 3 powerful lessons:

  1. not everyone will say yes
  2. systems are important
  3. risks must be taken in order to reach success

After mulling over my lessons I incorporated systems that would make proposal writing far less time intensive, I got very comfortable with people saying no, which eventually made many more say yes & I forced myself to take risks whenever needed.

Talked about my business at a restaurant to a fellow patron

This led to a meeting, a contract and eventually several contacts with people they referred me to. I did a few websites, a few social marketing packages for several months and met lots of great contacts through this initial ‘chance’ meeting. How did it all start? I walked up and said ‘Hi, my name is Maren”.

Bought a script

So my partner could start working coding it and we could eventually one day have a job board that we’d need to filter people for our new business Virtual Zeta – that 6 months ago was just a foggy idea. This script cost $500 and was a big investment in my mind at the time on something that was completely unproven. But I forced myself to whip out my credit card and take the hit that translated into a virtual assistant job board that now boasts 1000 job seekers and isn’t even ‘launched’ yet. Also I plan to make this start up (The job board portion of it) into a multi-million dollar brand, I don’t have all the pieces worked out but I’m getting there & none of it would be possible without the 4 minute action of entering in my credit card info & taking a deep breath.

Hired a virtual assistant

I hired a virtual assistant who was amazing, he helped grow my business, educated me on lots of things I had no clue about in the online world & eventually became my partner in my two outsourcing based businesses. He wanted more than most virtual assistants usually cost and I was hesitant at first, but then I decided to say ‘screw it’ and take a plunge – I knew that within a month I’d know whether he was worth it or not and that first month’s investment in salary has paid of in spades & will continue to as we work on growing our businesses together, using our combined skill sets to create something of true value.

Sent out a tweet

When I headed down to SF the last time I sent out a tweet about it and because of it met up with some great people including Everett Bogue, Leo from ZenHabits & Corbett Barr – all people whose blogs and read and love & all people who share similar mindsets. These connections are beneficial on a business & personal level – later on I saw Leo & Corbett again at Blog World and enjoyed hanging out with others like Pat Flynn, Chris Ducker & Chris Pearson during the event (which never would have happened if I hadn’t have whipped out my credit card, held my breath and bought a ticket to BlogWorld).

The amount of intangible awesomeness I have gained from these in person meetings is huge because I get to hear about others businesses, get to make new friends and get to experience different perspectives. The cost of coaching from any of these people would add up to 5 figures easily but instead by sending out one tweet & buying a ticket I got the benefit of spending quality time with an awesome group because of 2 simple actions.

The Law of Actions has paid off

In so many ways. The above is just a spattering of what came to mind, so much more has happened from me taking action that would take up an entire book. From building relationships, to sealing deals, to coming up with a new business idea, to hitting a ‘breakthrough’ that completely changed my life forever.

Another action that will pay of in major ways is applying for the Founder Institute, something I did the night applicants were due and wrote about in a post a week ago. I had been ‘wait listed’ and was confused – since I thought I had done well on the tests and at least decently in the writing section.

So instead of having a major pity party I wrote them an email inquiring why and made a blog post about motivation. I got a response back and again wrote them another email (action) where I respectfully disagreed with the reason they had wait listed me (my being in NV not CA) and explained my position and how I would make it work (by traveling weekly to go to SF and eventually moving).

Then I let sleeping dogs lie and went about my work, a bit discouraged but proud of myself for not letting bad news hamper my spirits and instead taking action by writing them back – even if they never responded.

Well yesterday I woke up a bit tired (long night of ugly dancing… which is what it looks like when I dance to anything) and checked my email – even though I try not to on Sundays (my day of rest).

At the top was an email from the Founder Institute telling me I’d been accepted to their program. I was still foggy from the night before but realized that this was the outcome I had hoped for but not really counted on a week and a half before. I looked at the list of mentors and read through the course material again and started getting really excited about the people I’d be coming into contact with – people that could help my business sink or swim. People that could dramatically change the course of my life if I take enough action and prove my concepts.

One action leads to another

My action of listening to Mixergy daily and hearing Andrew Warner’s soothing voice interview 100’s of entrepreneurs – led me to apply to Founder Institute – because I thought “If Andrew supports it, it must be good”. My action of applying last minute, when I could have been watching TV or partying at UF led me to get wait listed – then accepted (because of my action of following up, twice).

I’m an action junkie, I’m addicted to the Law of Action and if you want to lead an extraordinary life and escape the 9 to 5 for good by starting a radical business that will forever change your life. If you haven’t already joined the 100 day challenge I dare you to do so now, by taking action & you won’t be able to recognize your awesome life 100 days from now.

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P.S. I just realized that this is’s 200th post! In roughly 14-15 months this blog has gone from 3 readers to nearly 18,000 visitors a month! Just wanted to share my joy with you 🙂 Thanks for reading, it’s why I do what I do!