Starting a Small Business in 2010 | Now is the Time!!

Did your New Year’s resolution 5 months ago have anything to do with starting a small business in 2010? What happened to that?! Did you forget or just get lazy? Maybe you just got overwhelmed and gave up, or are only half trying to get it up and going. I don’t care if your idea of a dream business is grooming doggies out of your van or building the next Fortune 500 tech company – the time to start it is NOW.

Not to sound like a pessimist but the time you waste getting cold feet in starting a rocking small business in 2010 is time you’ll NEVER see again. Just think if you had started that business in 2009 or even 1999? You’d probably be cruising the French Riviera not reading this. So throw out your excuses, kick any fear to the curb and lets get down and dirty to get your business started in 2010!

Starting a small business in 2010 (even if your a little late to the party)…

2010 is a great year to start a small business, we are at the end of the recession in some places, but still close enough to it that many of the would be business owner pansies won’t stick their little toes in the pool so to speak. Meaning you got the big ole swimming pool that is your market far more open than before.

Also because over the last two years people across the globe have been tightening their belts it means that inferior products and services just won’t cut it anymore – people don’t have the time or money to waste with crap.

If you sell crap this is bad news, if you sell awesome, premium, rocking stuff this is GREAT news. You can take on giant competitors you’d never dream of ousting 5 years ago by working on a killer brand and producing awesome, quality stuff time after time.

So if you’re late to starting your own small business in 2010 don’t fret, it is as simple as spending a day alone brainstorming, writing down all your ideas, doing a little research to see if there is a market for it and then getting the ball rolling. Who cares if you fail? At least you are TRYING now… what if you WIN big? What if you take off like did and get valued at millions of dollars in two years time? What if you catch on like the pet rock did back in the day and sell one million dollars worth of something NO ONE thought could sell before? What if you fail spectacularly but it gets you enough attention that your next venture succeeds in great ways?

7 small businesses you could start in 2010…

  1. An elder hostel care center. Start it in your home and if you grow like gangbusters go from there, this is an urgent need plus you are honoring your elders which always comes back to bless you in the future.
  2. A hot dog stand. You laugh, but hot dog stands have INCREDIBLY low overhead and can rake in hundreds to thousands on a nice summer day.
  3. An internet business. Check out internet business mastery (my own online alma mater) for a blow by blow education on how to start a profitable online business from scratch! P.S. worked fabulously for me!
  4. A book review service. Executives are always trying to read more, but they don’t have the time often… so instead sum up their favorite books in a cliff note style format with audio & written options. Charge them a monthly fee to access as many as their hearts desire (plus it can all be done online!).
  5. A ghostwriter business. If you can write well you can ghost write, it’s fun, interesting and can pay really well if you get some good clients. Hire other ghostwriters to increase revenue and grow your small business in a unique ‘freelance’ model way.
  6. An un-marketing firm. Traditional marketing is going out the window, that is why I started a social marketing firm as my first (and main) business. Business is growing because so many people are getting tired of TV and print ads not paying off, why not get involved with a unique idea? All it takes is some creativity and business cards!
  7. A unique business card business. I would pay for this! People are ALWAYS wanting unique, highly branded business cards but it is so hard to find a company that prints them… why can’t you do this out of your garage? That is a sweet small business that will leave ink on your fingers and green in your pockets!

So what am I leaving out? Any unique small businesses you can think of that would be perfect for 2010? That or if you have already started your small business and want to call me out for lecturing you, do it! I’d love to hear about any small businesses that have been hatching over the last year!