I’m Not an Internet Marketer & You May Not Be Either

I’m not an internet marketer and I certainly don’t consider myself anything close to a pro blogger either. I am most definitely not in the business of making money online, by teaching people how to make money online.

…And please don’t take offense if you are in that business – this is my mantra – you don’t have to dig it – it’s just to help solidify the tribe I’m part of.

That being said here are a few things that I am (and you may be too):

  • I’m ridiculously passionate about start ups & building businesses.
  • I love the idea of making money online & off mobile entrepreneur style (i.e. you aren’t tied down to a brick & mortar location 24/7).
  • I believe in online businesses that fatten your wallet, provide great value to others and help you build a lifestyle where you enjoy more freedom and fulfillment – no snake oil salesman!
  • I like the idea of passive income & only working a 4 hour work week… but I love the idea of working really hard for a few years to build a business that becomes the next Zappos, SEObook.com or Groupon.

You may think more like me, or you may not. But the point is this is a very helpful exercise you should do with yourself at least every 6 months. It helps you stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself from your competition &  figure out what you really love and what you have just fallen into.

Today I stared at a blank sheet of paper for an hour – I kept thinking about blogs that make money online and those that don’t. I wondered if I should have hopped on the make money online by teaching others how to make money online band wagon. The problem is, I’m not passionate about that. Not at all.

So you may say “Was Tony Hsieh really passionate about footwear when he took the helm at Zappos and turned it into a billion dollar company?”, no smart ass 🙂 he wasn’t – but he WAS extremely passionate about building a business that mattered, creating the world’s best customer experience and growing an empire that was founded on core, community based beliefs. He was VERY passionate about that.

So does it matter what business you go into? Of course. If you hate tires and think mechanics are greasy – don’t open a Tube & Lube. Instead focus on what your core skills are… if they are business development & marketing then you can really go into any industry and succeed with the right help. If it is design & creativity then you need to find a biz dev person to team up with to make your dream a reality.

Sorry If I’m rambling – my point is this:

On the web – where everyone seems to be pitching something – it may get discouraging to think the only way you’ll achieve ultimate freedom is to be like the crowd. To sell eBooks or pitch affiliates if you don’t LOVE what you do is silliness.

Go where you want to be, that is where you’ll be happiest and do the best. And if you’re like me and believe you were destined for giant IPOs and building companies that change the world – then I beg you, do it. Don’t just sit around hoping that you’ll catch the next get rick quick online scheme.

Instead dedicate your blog, your own personal branding platform, to what you are all about – and a tribe of like minds will form around you. This community will help each other and help you. So if you feel like me and you are like minds – then PLEASE tell me, because I love to find other tribe members. If you are going a completely different route, I’d still love to hear about it – since someone else may take encouragement from your path & find out you’re part of their tribe.