9 Profitable Business Ideas that Make People Filthy Rich

I warned you, one day I was going to list the craziest profitable business ideas I’ve come across this far and today is that day. Not only is this list good for laughs but it will be incredibly motivating and inspiring to those of you who have an entrepreneurial fire burning inside like me. Fan that flame and get the creative wheels of your brain working over time with these awesomely ridiculous business ideas that have made some people filthy rich!

  1. Official Irish Dirt Yes, in reference to St. Patty’s Day I must include this zany idea at the top. Who would think that ANYONE in their right mind would buy dirt? Well this profitable business idea has been making the founders rich for years, thousands of tons of this irish dirt have been shipped all over the world since the business’ opening day. Most popular uses? Be sprinkled on burial plots or being laid under the foundation of a house..
  2. The Million Dollar homepage It’s still up and the guy behind it (who was 21 at the ideas inception) is still making money off this ridiculous-enough-to-work idea. Personally I love it and it goes to show you that with the right ingenuity and quirky determination you can do anything, even make a million bucks off of pixels!
  3. Santa Mail What is a letter from Santa Claus worth to your child? Well if you perpetuating a blatant lie and paying for it than Santa mail is right up your alley! For a mere $10 you can get a guy with an address in the in Alaska to send your kid a reply letter from Santa, with over 290,000 letters sent the guy behind this is quite a bit richer even if he does make a living fibbing to kids 🙂
  4. A Plastic Mate The more crude word for this “thing” is a life sized, sex robot that inventor Douglas Hines created to help change the world (?) if you think it can’t get more strange than a $7000 sex toy you’ll be shocked that THOUSANDS of men have pre-ordered “Roxxy” at truecompanion.com meaning Mr. Hines will be VERY rich when this plastic oddity rolls its way into homes everywhere.
  5. Fit Deck These playing cards for the exercise minded allow you to work out from the comfort of your very own poker table, living room or favorite bridge hang out. You wouldn’t think they’d be a hit at over $18 a pack and considering all the do is show you exercises you could find for FREE online but surprisingly the ex Navy SEAL who created them has made millions with this phenomenon.
  6. Plastic Wishbones Yes, this profitable business idea is based around the concept of breaking a ‘fake’ wishbone to see who gets the lucky part. Even if real wishbones were inherently lucky I doubt that luck is so strong to pass on to their plastic counterparts, but the founder of this site has made a fortune in plastic bone fragments. The new banner on the site reads: announcing a revolutionary break through in plastic wishbone technology – Wow, I’m almost curious.
  7. Buying Teeth Online As creepy as that might sound, let me add a word buying gold teeth online now you know the entire business plan of 14kgoldteeth.com and they are doing good business selling “blinged out” grills to whomever wants to buy one from the privacy of their own home, because with gold teeth it’s all about discretion right?
  8. Stuffed, Cut up, Fantasy Animals Have you ever wanted a Griffin dead and stuffed to put on your mantle? If so Sarina Brewer can help you out, this beautiful albeit creepy woman has taken the already spooky profession of Taxidermist to a whole new level. For a few grand you can buy a bambi deer with four heads, a part cat part chicken, a mythological creature or even the “what the F?” creature below. Surprisingly this business idea has turned very profitable for Ms. Brewer though not so much for the roadkill she uses in her creations.
  9. Doodle Jump. Imagine jumping upward for all of eternity, if that sounds like a sweet deal to you then check out doodle jump… a game that at .99 has taken iPhone app users by storm. Funny thing is the tech is so basic and the concept so simple it is incredibly addictive, even being called ‘iPhone’s answer to crack’… but the creators of Doodle jump are the ones laughing all the way to the bank with 3 million sales and counting!

Hopefully these 9 profitable business ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing. All of these have made their creators rich, so what is stopping you from cashing in on your passion be it Irish dirt, stuffed mythical creatures or… dare I say it… robot lovers for that incredibly desperate subset of the population!