This Blog will make me Millions

You heard me… millions. How do I suppose I’ll do it? Well it won’t be through affiliates or creating info products, no there is a far greater (and more prosperous) way to monetize your blog – granted a little less tangible. That is the personal market share that I am creating every time I make a post, you have no idea how many offline clients I get through this blog alone. So I ask you, no implore you, to think of your blog as more than just a platform to make paltry affiliate commissions – because it’s something much greater, a well run and written blog is a personal branding tool that will last a lifetime.

4 ways this blog will make me millions

My company Oracle Launch doesn’t rank nearly as high as this blog does on Alexa…

and it gets just a handful of the traffic, but whenever I get one of the 30 ‘partner with me’ emails a week (and do keep sending them-I love looking at new ideas) it usually leads to some sort of partnering up that I can monetize within my company.

When someone googles the word “Maren Kate” my twitter, my company and this blog pulls up

– which do you think people are the most likely to click on if they want to suss me out? The blog of course… and when potential clients or partners see that I have thousands of people reading my stuff and many, incredibly valuable comments posted on my articles it gives them an urgency to work with me – because they think (and I quote) “you’re onto something kid”.

I “beta” test all my crazy ideas on this blog first.

Whenever I have a crazy idea like the Radillac or any of the several review sites I’ll be launching later this month (more on that later) I talk about them here first. This drives traffic to my ideas and means that there are multiple sign ups with the Radillac before it’s even left the conception phase.

Escaping the 9 to 5 is an amazing personal branding opportunity.

This blog emulates all that I want to be in life, it focuses on sticking it to the status quo, on building highly profitable, sustainable businesses on almost nothing – and I love it because of that fact. Surprisingly, several other people like those ideals too, so they subscribe or retweet what I write and suddenly what used to be thoughts swirling around in my head become intellectual property that I spew out on this site and that hundreds of other people get a lot out of. Sooner or later I will capitalize on the personal branding aspect of this blog, just like Gary Vaynerchuk did with his Wine Library video-cast… laugh now folks but I’m deadly serious.

I’ve gotten books (for free) because I write this blog, but more importantly have gotten approached with book offers because I write this blog. Obviously none I’m going to take now, because I haven’t reached where I want to, until I can certifiably say I am making six figures almost completely automated online I don’t believe I’m in the place to teach others – this blog is my ramblings, take from them what you may – but I would not be presumptious enough to think that I could write a whole book on how to escape the 9 to 5 (yet).

The Death star…

I know that this blog is the Death star of my soon to be global enterprise. Yes, yes, I am a MAJOR Star Wars geek, I love Han Solo and would marry him to this day… but, back to the point at hand, this blog acts as my star ship, my front runner among the various businesses that I’ve started and plan to start. This blog documents them all… and gives a living history of everything I’ve ever done entrepreneurial wise. Imagine if one of the greats, Steve Jobs, Seth Godin or Guy Kawasaki had blogged from their meager beginnings about how they did it? Don’t you think we’d find those posts helpful now that they are big and famous… and no, I’m not in ANY way comparing myself with the above, but I do, honestly, believe I can reach that level of success if I really – and I mean really try. Doubt it? Keep tuned and see for yourself.

How you can make your blog make you millions

Well firstly, you probably won’t make millions FROM your blog. But you can have your blog help make you – make millions. How? Document the process, build up a loyal readership that hangs on your every word like Glen of Viperchill or Yaro Starak. This alone will pave the way for great things in the future and the opportunities and possibilities that will come your way from your blog will be huge, especially if you stay tapped into your 1000 true fans.