Starting an Internet Business While Working Full Time – Interview with Ruben Gamez

Ever wonder what it would be like to start up your own web based company while working a full time job? Ruben Gamez did and unlike a lot of people he actually TRIED it… even better he’s succeeding beautifully with his start up Bidsketch (proposal software) a place where website designers can go to create customized, clean proposals in minutes.

Ruben came on my radar when I used BidSketch myself and had an issue (turned out I was doing something wrong – surprise, surprise). Within a few minutes of me emailing technical support I got a message back from a real person who turned out to be the founder of the company. Needless to say, I was impressed. I’ve been watching Ruben’s growth since then and recently decided to have him on to talk about how you start up a company while working a full time job – hopefully many of you get the inspiration from this to do the same thing yourselves!

Download Ruben-Gamez.mp3

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