Building an Empire, $5 at a time: The Story of

I got the idea of interviewing Micha Kaufman, the co-founder of shortly after using the site several times in one day. I was hooked, for five bucks I got someone to record a very professional voice over for my telephone number.

I also got someone to create an eBook cover and toyed with the idea of taking the girl up on her offer to wear my company’s name on her forehead to high school for a day – but then thought naah, that’s not my target demographic.

This interview is chock full of amazing advice from a man who in six months has grown to epic proportions, they have over 75,000 active listings on the site and have been featured on news outlets everywhere. Micha gives great perspective for those thinking about starting an internet business and his ideas on making everything simpler is truly ingenious. If you get half as much out of this interview as I did it’ll be well worth the 30 minutes spent – so turn of your rerun of True Blood & listen to some entrepreneurial goodness!

Download Micha-Kaufman-interview.mp3

Check out Micha’s start up at and be prepared, you’ll probably be there for hours!