5 Figures a Month by Living the Four Hour Work Week – Interview with Mike C. Moon

free the appsThe podcast is back! The podcast is back! I’m so happy that after going through the rigors of an incubator program and traveling for the entire month of March the Escaping the 9 to 5 podcast is back and better than ever. This is an interview I’m extremely excited to bring to you since this is one of the rare examples I’ve seen of someone who is making $80,000 a month (noted in his interview on Mixergy) in true “Four Hour Work Week” style.

Two warnings before you press play, the first is that because this was recorded while I was traveling the sound quality isn’t the best (but totally worth it), the second is that once you hear this story you may be uncontrollably compelled to start an iPhone App business and if you are you can check out the Free the Apps’ guy’s ebook here.

Download This Interview (Right click then Save As”)

Find out more about Free the Apps on their website and check out the extended interview they did on Mixergy.

*Update, check out this great post the guys at Free the Apps recently wrote about the passive income life.