Less is Truly More an Entrepreneur Success Story With Everett Bogue

Often during my dog days of entrepreneurship  I would wake up, eat breakfast and then try to attack the massive piles of work on my desk, usually to no avail. It took about 6 months for me to realize that a messy office = a messy business. After reading Getting Things Done by David Allen I tosseda lot of stuff out and started focusing only on what was most important. This was a turning point for me and first peaked my interest at the idea of minimalism.

So when I kept hearing about Everett Bogue who blogs at Farbeyondthestars.com and his minimalist attitude I thought “wow, I need to interview him and see what else I could get rid of to further streamline my life and business”. Little did I know that this interview would become one of my favorite’s of all time ad would greatly contribute to me reworking my ‘life plan’ to be far less about stuff and far more about experiences.

I am so excited to share with you Everette’s amazing views on life and entrepreneurship, it’ll pump you up, make you want to clean your closets while you listen and show you an amazing new view on life that allows you to do what you want by getting rid of the clutter that doesn’t directly contribute to making your personal or business life better.

Download Everette-Bogue.mp3

**Also PLEASE forgive me for the audio – my voice is *tiny* while his is normal, I tried to fix it like 8 times but then decided the content was so good it was worth letting it out this way and annoying a few people – so apologies, apologies! But I promise you’ll get a TON out of this!

Questions, comments, testimonials when it comes to minimalism? Feel free to drop me a line below, I just lurv hearing from you all!